The Age of Transitions (Bonus Podcast clip)
Author and digital filmmaker Aaron Franz hosts this podcast about transhumanism, social manipulation, the occult, and much more.

Aaron continues reading from one of his notebooks that he used to write his book Revolve. Topics range from occult science to esoteric religion. According to Harvard Science Review, research into artificial wombs has been kept underground purposely, in order to avoid outrage from the public. The Book of Genesis is a deep religious alegory that is not disimilar to the Book of Tao. The topics of Transhumanism and propaganda are also covered in this episode. 

Chuck Ochelli rejoins The Age of Transitions bonus podcast stream. Here, he and Aaron retell some of their experiences being part of the "Truth Movement" that happened a decade in the past. Passing out DVDs, networking with like minds, and much more are explored in this light-hearted, but hard-hitting conversation. 

topics include: 9/11 Truth, eBay, the Obsolete Man, DVD copies of documentaries, truth groups, JFK, sharing information, meeting truther celebrities, no planers, Kevin Barrett, Jim Fetzer, Sophia Smallstorm, supportive partners, conspiracy theory, civil liberties, depression, Uncle (the podcast), average person

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The first in what will be a series of podcasts on The Age of Transitions, primarily on Patreon. 

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This is a completely unscripted and impromptu dialogue about what it is that we are all looking for. We all require meaning in our lives. So, how do we go about finding this meaning? Is it correct to follow the instruction booklet handed to us by society, or do we need to go about it another way? Aaron probably doesn't answer any of these questions, but he certainly explores them here with sincerity for what that is worth.

topics include: can you blame the world for your problems, existential crisis, sociology, psychology, soul, mind, consciousness, subconscious, programmed responses, inspiration, dreams, jobs, careers, American Dream, truth, objectivity, subjectivity, metaphysical aspects of life, dolphin intelligence, finding meaning in life, the Void, mysticism, formulaic thinking, depression, success, responsibility, enjoying misery, healthcare, caring for one another, medicine, profit motive, capitalism, music, art, living the dream, gainful employment, career cannot fulfill you, dream jobs, money, comfort, privilege, coworkers talking about their work, subsistence wages, value of human life, homelessness, limitation of the individual leads to making cheap excuses, unnecessary suffering, folly of technological utopia ideal, artificial intelligence, Aaron’s upbringing, socially induced sado masochism, contentment, reflecting on your accomplishments, life is good, seeing the good aspects of your job, gyms, value of physical activity, human interaction, conversation, self empowerment, rejecting a life of torture, fighting back, satisfaction of belief in the past, emotion, we all need both criticism and praise, do what you want to do, not censoring yourself, doing more with less

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Here is the second installment of book notes on The Science of Life. You will get to enjoy all of the wonderful calls for a eugenic utopia from Julian Huxley and HG Wells. Aaron quotes directly from this little known book to help broaden your understanding of eugenics, the foundations of genetic science, and dark Social Darwinian philosophy.

topics include: health and disease, anti-vaccine movement of 1920s, social stratification, diet, sunlight, light, reproduction, ants, bees, neuters, hive mind, genetics, brain, selective breeding, biology, science, consciousness, objective and subjective reality, Monism, neurology, Behaviorism, Pavlov, association, instinct, reflex, electrical shock experiments, induction, hypnosis, education, language, dissociation, subconscious, hysteria, no true Teutonic or Aryan races, cymbolism, regression, stigmata, neurasthenia, Freud, Jung, intelligence, eugenics, peyote, privacy, religion, civilization, parapsychology, Modern Man, patriarchy, inbreeding royalty, tabu, agriculture, civilizing a native race, rigid tradition, going beyond nation state, collectivism, The Open Conspiracy, HG Wells, positive and negative eugenics, birth control, dominant minority, depopulation techniques, transhumanism, conquer nature

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This is the first part in what will be at least a two part series of book notes on The Science of Life. This book was published in 1929 and authored by HG Wells, Julian Huxley and George Philip Wells. A massive 1500 page book on biological science which includes extensive promotion of eugenics and Social Darwinism. There is no shortage of esoteric significance as well. This book seems to have been missed, as there are few references to it to be found anywhere. 

topics include: man, biology, science, philosophy, religion, genetics, intellectual class, history, Darwinism, Social Darwinism, eugenics, nature, alchemy, art, space time, matter, life, light, sun, myth, evolution, dog breeding, selective breeding, inbreeding, Galton Darwin and Wedgewood family inbreeding, sex, reproduction, genes, immortality, nature vs nurture, CB Davenport, life extension, agriculture, grafting, plants, Cold Springs Harbor, Darwinian competition for resources, divine purpose, consciousness, sun god, Ocean as womb of Nature, life comes on land, Dawn of Man, ecology, economics, as above so below, four elements, chemistry, pollution, life cycle, tree symbolism, Bohemian Grove, sun spots, overpopulation, JBS Haldane, Daedalus, Greece, US military used to kill bison

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Another episode of book notes. This time the book at hand is "Millennium; Winners and Losers in the Coming World Order". A fascinating and prophetic little book from 1991. 

topics include: international banking, emerging technologies, trans humanism, communications, geopolitics, economics, new world order, esoteric religion, sacrifice, family, US decline, Japan, Asia, universities, Ai, nomadic life, technological unemployment, cameras, globalism

The latest Trans Resister Radio Bonus Podcast was recorded in a parking lot on Aaron's lunch break. The main topic is media production, and the many tricks that many choose to employ to get ahead. At least, that's what they think they are doing. 

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Aaron reads from, and gives his commentary on, The Tao Te Ching. A wonderfully succinct epic exploration of the Mystery of all existence, the Tao is world famous for good reason. Here, the first five verses of the text are read, and compared to other creation myths from throughout time and across the world. 

topics include: religion, translations, Lao Tsu, Eastern vs Western ideas, philosophy, economy of language, universal truth, naming, first cause, abstract, tangible, duality, dialectics, Yin and Yang, life, death, geology, the Great Integrity, the Great Transition, temperance, desire, suffering, esoteric traditions, Ancient Mysteries, wisdom, meditation, transcendence, mind, abstract thought, creation, gods, the Bible, gods, time, life, manifestation, consciousness, metaphysics

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Recording on All Hallow's Eve, Aaron talks a little bit about occult matters. From the Trinity to dark and scary things including Satan, there is always plenty to think about when dealing with occult matters. 

topics include: trinity, modern Catholic ideas, Ancient Egyptian ideas, comparative religion, myth, reincarnation, philosophy, animals, Set, Satan, Lucifer, light and dark, day and night, war in heaven, left-hand path occultism, Temple of Set, creator god, mind, alchemy, creation myths, first cause, material world, objective vs subjective reality, unique quality of human consciousness

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This month's Bonus Podcast is a book notes episode on Physical Control of the Mind by professor Jose Delgado. Delgado was the man who famously implanted electrodes in the brains of animals and humans. His bullfight with a bull that had electrodes implanted was televised in 1963. This book outlines some of his findings from his experiments, and a bit of his personal philosophy in pursuing the research in the first place. Aaron can't help but read occult meaning into the whole of this. 

topics include: electronic stimulation of the brain (ESB), Yale, science, occult, left-hand path occultism, mind, brain implants, animal testing, human testing, brainwashing, mind control, privacy, technology, history of brain implants, psychology, stimoceivers, brain-machine interface, computers

Aaron gives some of his ideas on left-hand path occultism as it relates to its opposite, right-hand path occultism. The Black Lodge vs the Great White Brotherhood. What are the core philosophical differences between the two? How do these occult factions effect the greater social structure which we all live within? Is transhumanism a left-hand path occult pursuit? 

topics include: Lords of the Left-Hand Path, Dr Stephen Edred Flowers, religion, mysticism, hidden truth, the devil, Prince of Darkness, Black Flame, Temple of Set, Church of Satan, Atheism, Anton LaVey, Michael Aquino, subjective vs objective reality, transcendental experience, history of human consciousness, magic, science, philosophy, Owen Barfield, original participation, confusion, right vs left wing politics, social issues, philosophy behind science, masses divided, Fall of Man in Genesis, duality of tree symbol, ego

In this special Bonus Podcast, Pearse Redmond and Aaron Franz sit down to talk about the 2010 documentary David Wants To Fly. Made by German filmmaker, David Sieveking, this film is excellent and works on many different levels. It is an excellent critique of the Transcendental Meditation "movement" as the film exposes TM for what it truly is, a cult. Pearse and Aaron give their insights primarily on this angle. Thank you to all of our Patrons, and we hope you enjoy this epsiode.

Aaron shares some of his thoughts on the psycho-social phenomenon known as the Midlife Crisis. From observations of daily life to occult implications, this episode covers a lot of ground. 

topics include: midlife crisis, mid-life, aging, genders, men, Elliot Jacques, creative genius, life begins at 40, Daniel Levinson, distressed suburbanite, cliches, adultery, depression, Western Culture, reverence of youth, 1960s sexual revolution, family, generational change, Anton LaVey, social norms, psychology, attraction to young women, reliving your past, occult, vitality, androgyny, marriage, bond, alchemy, coming to know the opposite sex, maturity, teeny bop music, creative power, conception, religion, the Bible, war of the sexes, meaning in life

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This Bonus Podcast episode of Trans Resister Radio picks up from the last Themes & Memes review of Black Mirror season 3. Specifically, the episode entitled San Junipero. In reading up on left hand path occultism, Aaron found some connections to transhumanism and to this episode of Black Mirror. 

topics include: Themes and Memes, Black Mirror, San Junipero, left hand path occultism, transhumanism, Satanism, Anton LaVey, philosophy, artificial systems, virtual worlds, controlled society, sexuality, fetishistic sex, sex dolls, Sixth Phase Satanism, Petagonal Revisionism, androids, technology, Pleasure Domes, vacation, Futurism, serpent, symbolism, original sin, Lucifer, Eve, Erotic Crystallization Inertia, immortality, time, the Reaper, Death, Stephen Edred Flowers, understanding the world

Aaron shares his notes on The Technological Society by French sociologist, Jacques Ellul. This book is a classic, and highly recommended. 

topics include: Jacques Ellul, The Technological Society, sociology, technique, technology, technology as god, Mass Man, conditioning, public relations, propaganda, modern society, reality of scientific work, politics, religion, magic, eschatology, mythology, esoteric side of technology, destruction of natural social groups, finance, economics, art and artifice, moral relativism, planned economies, transhumanism, New Man, labor, vaccine concerns, neurosis, city life, film

Some of the fears of the Western world would be deflated if we stopped to face ourselves in the mirror. This Bonus Podcast episode was inspired by Pamela.  This is just a clip from the episode, which is available in full to my subscribers at Patreon

topics include: interesting TRR podcast audience, ethics, morality, Buddhism, Tao Te Ching, desire, billionaire neurosis, American values, dragging others down, social media nastiness, wasting energy, mindfulness, philosophy, questioning ourselves, overworked, detachment, Christian Republican doublethink, marketing, buying happiness, honesty, branding, lifestyle, rationalization, life requires purpose, narrative, navigating panic scenarios

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Aaron tells some tales of his experience behind the scenes within "truther" circles, and describes some people who have done wrong by him. A lot of people produce media simply to get more attention to themselves, and this constant is what has caused the most problems over the years. Get the inside scoop in this bonus podcast episode of Trans Resister Radio.

topics include: TRR may be a weekly show, problems with other independent media producers, Sophia Smallstorm, 9/11 Mysteries, truth groups, Andrew Anglin, Andre’s Myspace page, Outlaw Journalism forum, The Age of Transitions video, selling online, Pilots for 9/11 Truth, Morgellons, chemtrails, Sandy Hook, Save the Humans, Red Ice Radio, Renegade Tribune, Kyle Hunt, racism, white genocide, Flat Earth, Daniel Estulin, Transevolution, Revolve, 2001 NBIC conference, UK MOD Strat Trends report, Newt Gingrich, poor research, Mark Dice, Georgia Guidestones, integrity, ethics

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Aaron talks a bit about the new animated film, Coco. He projects some criticisms that are likely to come from radial Right and Left wing political groups. 

topics include: synchronicity, Coco Pixar movie, movies that work on many levels, fame, Halloween, Pagan festivals, Dia De Los Muertes, Mexico, guessing how others will view the movie, polarized politics, Alt Right, SJWs, Frozen animated short, Christmas, holidays, War on Christmas, cultural appropriation, social tension, same holiday worldwide viewed as something different, comparative religion, foolish debunkers, media overemphasizing polarized politics

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Pearse Redmond joins Aaron Franz for a conversation about the bizarre political climate we find ourselves in today. This is the first Bonus Podcast episode of Trans Resister Radio.

topics include: Jimmy Kimmel, state sponsored entertainment, news, mainstream media, The Daily Show, Ben Stein, Sand Point Idaho, Freemasonry, Hollywood, politicizing tragic events, Las Vegas mass shooting, fake news, narratives, Roger Stone, Iran Contra, bullying documentary, passive aggression, marketing, selling ideas, Brigade, social media for politics, repression, strategy of tension, Charlottesville, white nationalism, FBI patsies, fantasy politics, accepting reality, age of transitions, huge social changes

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