The Age of Transitions
Author and digital filmmaker Aaron Franz hosts this podcast about transhumanism, social manipulation, the occult, and much more.

On this episode there is some talk about the institution of marriage as well as a very interesting piece from the NIH that Bobby Vaughn brings to the table. It seems that 5G millimeter waves can be absorbed by skin cells and produce Coronaviruses. 

topics include: human relationships, laws, marriage, contracts, religion, Corona Virus lockdown reality, relationship stress, relationships with machines, 5G, technology, transhumanism, Google, internet, forcing people onto certain browsers, 404 errors, https, old sites no longer secure, switching over to new internet structure

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Jon Gold is the joins the show to talk a bit about 9/11 Truth. It remains an important issue which relates to so much going in today’s world. We would not be where we are now without what happened on September 11, 2001. 

topics include: 9/11 truth and justice, we were lied to, Jersey Girls, protests, anti war movement, Iraq, Afghanistan, American foreign policy, racism, Bandar Bush, veterans for truth

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Robbie Martin joins the show for a conversation on the history and present state of conspiracy culture. He has a special episode of Media Roots Radio detailing the QAnon phenomenon, which is a must listen. Here, Robbie talks a bit about Q, its genesis, and some of the ramifications of what it all means in today’s tumultuous political climate. 

topics include: QAnon, internet, media awareness, propaganda, disillusioned to entertainment industry, popular conspiracy ideas, Alex Jones, Roger Stone, Trump presidential campaign, OAN, Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Trump supporters, 9/11 Truth, Ron Paul, martial law, 8 Chan, boomers, mainstreaming of conspiracy culture, Antifa, BLM, racism, right wing extremism, anti China propaganda