The Age of Transitions
Author and digital filmmaker Aaron Franz hosts this podcast about transhumanism, social manipulation, the occult, and much more.

This is a completely unscripted and impromptu dialogue about what it is that we are all looking for. We all require meaning in our lives. So, how do we go about finding this meaning? Is it correct to follow the instruction booklet handed to us by society, or do we need to go about it another way? Aaron probably doesn't answer any of these questions, but he certainly explores them here with sincerity for what that is worth.

topics include: can you blame the world for your problems, existential crisis, sociology, psychology, soul, mind, consciousness, subconscious, programmed responses, inspiration, dreams, jobs, careers, American Dream, truth, objectivity, subjectivity, metaphysical aspects of life, dolphin intelligence, finding meaning in life, the Void, mysticism, formulaic thinking, depression, success, responsibility, enjoying misery, healthcare, caring for one another, medicine, profit motive, capitalism, music, art, living the dream, gainful employment, career cannot fulfill you, dream jobs, money, comfort, privilege, coworkers talking about their work, subsistence wages, value of human life, homelessness, limitation of the individual leads to making cheap excuses, unnecessary suffering, folly of technological utopia ideal, artificial intelligence, Aaron’s upbringing, socially induced sado masochism, contentment, reflecting on your accomplishments, life is good, seeing the good aspects of your job, gyms, value of physical activity, human interaction, conversation, self empowerment, rejecting a life of torture, fighting back, satisfaction of belief in the past, emotion, we all need both criticism and praise, do what you want to do, not censoring yourself, doing more with less

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Aaron does a casual show in which he gets to talk to producer Chuck Ochelli, and regular caller Robin. From the Internet of Things to eugenics, there was no shortage of things to talk about here. 

topics include: China, US, global relations, Cold War style rhetoric, technology, Ai, deep learning, big data, information technology, big tech, smart TVs gathering data on users, Netflix, 5G, wireless, adverse health effects, privacy, F16 Crash into Cisco warehouse, military industrial complex, eugenics, artificial wombs, PC culture bringing big changes, politics, Revolve book, Francis Galton, inbreeding of Galton Darwin and Wedgwood families

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The tension between China and the United States is undeniable. What it all may be leading to is impossible to say, but trying to understand our current situation is a useful thing to do. Marlon Ettinger calls in to the show to help Aaron do just this. 

topics include: China, CCP, Xianjiang Provence, Uyghur, reeducation camps, concentration camps, propaganda, geopolitics, development, economics, military, Trump, Xi Jinping, technology, real estate, North Korea, South Korea

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Here is the second installment of book notes on The Science of Life. You will get to enjoy all of the wonderful calls for a eugenic utopia from Julian Huxley and HG Wells. Aaron quotes directly from this little known book to help broaden your understanding of eugenics, the foundations of genetic science, and dark Social Darwinian philosophy.

topics include: health and disease, anti-vaccine movement of 1920s, social stratification, diet, sunlight, light, reproduction, ants, bees, neuters, hive mind, genetics, brain, selective breeding, biology, science, consciousness, objective and subjective reality, Monism, neurology, Behaviorism, Pavlov, association, instinct, reflex, electrical shock experiments, induction, hypnosis, education, language, dissociation, subconscious, hysteria, no true Teutonic or Aryan races, cymbolism, regression, stigmata, neurasthenia, Freud, Jung, intelligence, eugenics, peyote, privacy, religion, civilization, parapsychology, Modern Man, patriarchy, inbreeding royalty, tabu, agriculture, civilizing a native race, rigid tradition, going beyond nation state, collectivism, The Open Conspiracy, HG Wells, positive and negative eugenics, birth control, dominant minority, depopulation techniques, transhumanism, conquer nature

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