The Age of Transitions (general)
Author and digital filmmaker Aaron Franz hosts this podcast about transhumanism, social manipulation, the occult, and much more.

This episode was recorded on the 19th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. Aaron takes calls from Captain Tripps and Ray in Australia as talk centers around 9/11 Truth. 

topics include: 9/11 Truth Movement, terrorism, Iraq War, conspiracy theories, propaganda, Edward Bernays, media, ideas, collective consciousness

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Is there actually a new American civil war beginning, or is there something else happening? Will Charles Manson’s face become the next big street art phenomenon? 

topics include: 2020 presidential election, worst years, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, left and right wing politics, divide and conquer, race war, civil war, Helter Skelter, news, fringe political ideas gone mainstream, conspiracy ideas in popular culture, military advisors to media productions, China, technology, machine learning, geopolitics, culture wars

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The keynote speaker at the RNC gave a surprise scripted speech, but was sure to pile on plenty of anti-China sentiment for his fans. There appears to be a war going on, and it is mostly taking place in the virtual sphere. We should all look to emerging technologies, especially artificial intelligence, as a major driving factor in this conflict. 

topics include: bonus podcasts, Donald Trump RNC speech, US enlightening the world, stick to the script, America first, doublethink, peace through violence, defense spending, Neocon ideology, anti China sentiment, artificial intelligence, machine learning, technological revolution, AI powered influence campaigns, propaganda, micro targeting demographics, big data, Twitter as a consciousness sensor, analytics, creating viral content, YouTube videos, digital life, Kyle Rittenhouse, influencers, International Business Machines, computer files, Zach Miller, Dr Dog, online echo chambers, social media, evolutionary psychology, media selectively crafts narrative

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Those who most rigidly follow the rules do so in hopes that those rules are an accurate metric for gauging reality. The truth of the matter lies far beyond these confines. Just as a small insect can fly easily through the massive gap in a wire fence, so too can we breeze through the confines that so many others try to enforce upon us in this world. 

topics include: truth, independent media, human needs, finding meaning, consciousness, mind, philosophy, human history and prehistory, foreseeing the future, clarity, happiness, prison

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After some much need R&R, Aaron Returns to talk about the Military Industrial Complex. America is now its military through and through. Things weren’t always this way, but they have been for some time to be sure. 

topics include: Washington DC, Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, aerospace industry, technology, flight, esoteric side of man’s quest to fly, Icarus, left ring paradigm, Covid mask wearing a partisan issue, USPS, Trump crony Postmaster General

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 gathering of aimless wanderers and information seekers happens on this week’s show. 

topics include: walking around where no one is, city, Columbus Ohio, downtown, Newport Music Hall, Minneapolis Minnesota, George Floyd, police taking early retirement, protests, umbrella man identity

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On this episode there is some talk about the institution of marriage as well as a very interesting piece from the NIH that Bobby Vaughn brings to the table. It seems that 5G millimeter waves can be absorbed by skin cells and produce Coronaviruses. 

topics include: human relationships, laws, marriage, contracts, religion, Corona Virus lockdown reality, relationship stress, relationships with machines, 5G, technology, transhumanism, Google, internet, forcing people onto certain browsers, 404 errors, https, old sites no longer secure, switching over to new internet structure

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Jon Gold is the joins the show to talk a bit about 9/11 Truth. It remains an important issue which relates to so much going in today’s world. We would not be where we are now without what happened on September 11, 2001. 

topics include: 9/11 truth and justice, we were lied to, Jersey Girls, protests, anti war movement, Iraq, Afghanistan, American foreign policy, racism, Bandar Bush, veterans for truth

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Robbie Martin joins the show for a conversation on the history and present state of conspiracy culture. He has a special episode of Media Roots Radio detailing the QAnon phenomenon, which is a must listen. Here, Robbie talks a bit about Q, its genesis, and some of the ramifications of what it all means in today’s tumultuous political climate. 

topics include: QAnon, internet, media awareness, propaganda, disillusioned to entertainment industry, popular conspiracy ideas, Alex Jones, Roger Stone, Trump presidential campaign, OAN, Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Trump supporters, 9/11 Truth, Ron Paul, martial law, 8 Chan, boomers, mainstreaming of conspiracy culture, Antifa, BLM, racism, right wing extremism, anti China propaganda

Aaron brings back his old notes to explore some pieces written on IEET by one of its former managing directors, Mike Treder. Treder has been missing/gone silent online since 2012. Transhumanist groups are not unlike other fringe special interest groups, in that it is indeed a fringe group. 

topics include: IEET, Mike Treder, Martine Rothblatt, transhumanism, WTA, intellectuals, academics, white papers, Canada, disappearance, power pyramid, global elite, David Rothkopf, Invisible Hand, religion, science, philosophy, Center for Responsible Nanotechnology, nanotech, induction, inductive reasoning, logic, faith, pattern recognition, Hume, Bayesian Inference, occult, secret doctrine, initiate, induct, artificial wombs, Jeremy Rifkin, Francis Bacon, New Atlantis, Harvard S

Chris McKann from The Path of Tea comes on the show to talk a bit about tea with Aaron. If you aren’t into loose leaf teas, you should be. There is a lot to learn about them on this podcast episode. Be sure to listen to the second part of this show on the latest episode of Uncle (the podcast)

topics include: loose leaf tea, camellia sinensis, China, Japan, Asia, natural medicine, relaxation, taste, caffeine, Oolong, Jasmine, Earl Grey, green tea, black tea, Houston Texas, tea shop

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Long time friend of the show, Sand Sheff, returns to talk a bit about Bill Gates. There are a number of large-scale business and social ventures that Gates is involved in. Should we be wary of his intentions?

topics include: EarthNow, surveillance, satellites, space, 5G, foundations, business, Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway, transhumanism, BCI, BMI, brain computer interface, Elon Musk, occult, religion, prophecy, Mark of the Beast, Covid19, vaccines, security

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With currently down, Aaron talks about the fragility of online security. What sort of large-scale cyber threats will emerge as we go deeper and deeper into this age of transitions?

topics include: web design, online security, Cybersecurity, NSCAI, Google, Amazon, government, private industry, Silicon Valley, China, geopolitics, technology, machine learning

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Robin calls back into the show and discusses online/offline life with Aaron. Who will control internet in the future?

topics include: protests, unrest, Age of Transitions, social media, employers vetting candidates online, safety and security, NSCAI, China, birth pangs, sensors, Internet of Things

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As the nation literally burns, The Age of Transitions goes live on the air. Will George Floyd’s murder be the straw that broke the camel’s back for the public’s trust in the police? Connor, a chat room regular and Minneapolis resident, calls in to the show with some insights and reporting. 

topics include: George Floyd, police violence, protests, riots, unprecedented times, anomie, frustration, public trust, umbrella man, agent provocateurs, looting, Minneapolis, Columbus OH, Atlanta GA

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Aaron reads some notes from the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence’s initial report. 

topics include: differing ideas about reality, philosophy, technology, politics, transportation, automation, commerce, NSCAI, national security, China, Cold War 2.0, ethics gap, machine learning, Ai, AGI, algorithms, future, Ford, fleet vehicles

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On this very special May Day, Aaron decides to consecrate the live show. 

topics include: religion, religious activity, seeking truth, spirit, pagandom, nature, sage, sense of smell, memory, live show Friday nights, cycles, institutions of religion, theocracy, architecture, leaves carved in masonry, mineral vegetable animal kingdoms, government buildings, Classical architecture, evolution, pantheons, Tron, mist, mysticism, four elements

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Video games have advanced greatly over a relatively short period of time. They now rival Hollywood films in production value. How may these different forms of media end up converging? What is the future of media, and our relationship with it?

topics include: live show, Age of Transitions comic, Covid19, free online Harvard courses, machine learning, niche industries, democratization of media, video games, Nintendo, movies, television, internet, networked media, multimedia, convergence, virtual reality, education, IT, technology, realistic graphics, detail, Ready Player One, books, private public reality, American Capitalism, understanding, propaganda, hidden information, narrative, Post-Truth World, think tanks, critical thinking

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Working from home opens up a whole new world of possibilities for daily life. Is the Covid19 pandemic showing us how technology can enable a life sheltered in place? 

topics include: technology, virtual reality, augmented reality, telecommuting, communications, work, automation, Ai, machine learning, New Green Deal, environmental impact, green technology

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In the short-term we are dealing with massive changes due to Covid19. People are working from home, not working at all, or possibly not working again. But, what happens when the crisis subsides? There are some serious long-term changes that we can see developing, many of which have been brewing for a long time now. 

topics include: Corona Virus, economy, jobs, working, technology, Ai, robotization, Boston Dynamics, automation, UBI, stimulus, government subsidizing life, military life, generation gap, Boomers, Millennials, Zoomers, online life, media, YouTubers, Protestant Work Ethic, MAGA

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In the Midst of Covid19, 2020, Aaron takes a moment to reflect on the unique situation we are all in. So much has changed, while so much has stayed the same. 

topics include: Corona Virus, California, quarantine, social distancing, presidential election prediction, Biden/Sanders 2020, families spending time together, home schooling, Common Core curriculum, uncertainty, gun fantasies, martial law, frustrated parents, Ed in WA, going in public, Boomer Remover, church and state, Chet Hanks, China

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Aaron tells tales from highlights of his life wandering around aimlessly. Don’t let anyone fool you, wasting time is not always a total waste. If you are in a hurry, it helps to know where it is you are going in the first place. 

topics include: AoT comic, creative projects, laughing at nothing, insanity, comedy, conspiracy theory, 9/11, relationship behaviors influenced by sitcoms and romcoms, credibility, generic conspiracy ideas, Bohemian mindset, successful people break rules, stratified society, walking around aimlessly, wandering, Columbus Ohio, strengths and weaknesses tied together, observation, loneliness, alienation, carrying mail in suburbia, Orange County CA, bustling wastelands, fast pace of modern life, time management, unnatural state, inevitable fates, death, desert, something in nothing, expectations, source of depression

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Aaron returns to do a live show for the first time in nearly a month. Robin from Victoria calls in to have a conversation about popular culture’s seedy underbelly.

topics include: Ochelli Radio Network, The Age of Transitions, GOTJ 2017, some counterculture ideas held by the majority now, corruption, 1620 High Noon podcast, MMA, Canada, podcasting, laser discs, Song of the South, old Warner Brothers cartoons critiquing wild west America, Siemens, military war propaganda, Disneyland, Walt Disney, Dr Seuss, Roald Dahl, Edward Bernays, World’s Fair, Futurism, average person becoming aware of mass propaganda, conspiracy theories placed in popular media, cognitive bias, technology, communication breakdown, Adam Fitzgerald, 9/11, history, JFK assassination, Chuck Ochelli

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Murdacloak is the man behind the Instagram, Juggalos Against Trump, and the special guest on this episode of The Age of Transitions podcast. Those who know juggalos know enough to expect the unexpected. This interview is a prime example of this principle, and a fun conversation about the insane clown show that is politics today. 

topics include: juggalo, ICP, lyrics, Gathering of the Juggalos 2018 OKC, Oklahoma, police presence, 2019 Columbus OH, Midwest, California, President Donald Trump, racism, Juggalos For Trump, Juggalo ideology, losing sight of the message, Carnival of Carnage, economic inequality, Walmart, MAGA hats, Montana, demonization of the poor, Republican Party base, Bernie Sanders, social media, political debate at GOTJ, Juggalo Night Court, Native American Reservation, Salish Tribe, life on the Res, the projects, nature, discrimination, civility, Instagram

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Journalist, author, and podcaster Josephy L Flatley returns to the show to talk about his latest audio documentary podcast series. The So-Called Prophet from Pittsburgh is about the GCCA, a group headed by a man who calls himself Gabriel of Urantia. Here, Joseph gets to talk about making his series as well as some serious psychological aspects of cult life. 

topics include: Catatonic Youths, GCCA, podcasting, audio documentaries, cults, interviews with ex members, conspiracy culture, mind control, Synanon, word salad, psychology, spiritualution, Soulistic Hospice, Occupy Wall Street, confusion, family, Gabriel of Urantia, Elders, internet marketing groups, poor quality websites, gurus search for victims, Sanskrita, Jonestown, dysfunctional relationships, family dynamics

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An old man doesn't take any crap from anyone, because he shouldn't have to.

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The 2020 presidential election is heating up. It’s hard not to get caught up in the show. 

topics include: Bernie Sanders, Bon Iver, Iowa, primaries, Donald Trump, PA rally, crowds

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Things can often and all too easily seem completely hopeless. In the face of this, it may be that a bit of hope and faith go a long way to help us. But how do we keep ourselves from become victims of blind faith? 

topics include: 9/11 Truth, we were lied to, some far Left pitfalls, conspiracy related topics, religion, faith, mysticism, altered states of consciousness, being consumed by alternative media

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If we are going to develop thinking machines, perhaps we should first evaluate our own thought processes. Are we even thinking in the first place?

topics include: democratic debates, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, media coverage, propaganda, marginalizing outlier candidates, mind, psyche, intelligence, Ai, machine learning, bias, objectives, human control, Stuart Russell, Forbes article, virtual worlds


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A relaxed and impromptu show in which Aaron talks about everything from the Age of Transitions show itself to war with Iran. 

topics include: live show, Patreon supporters, desert camping trip to Giant Rock, optimism, power corrupts, special interests, war with Iran, business of war, Middle East theater of War, Iraq, Donald Trump 2016 campaign, convenient lies, George W Bush administration, Neocons, propaganda, public acceptance of war, opportunity to make unique media, conspiracy theory distractions, surveillance, big data, social media, cellular phone microphone picking up your conversations to target advertisements, average person’s perceptions, Silicon Valley, Surveillance Capitalism, generational antagonism, self help, write up podcast reviews for your favorite shows

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We urgently need your help to get the Ochelli Radio Network back up and running in time for Uncle's New Year's Revolution. The show will air live at 11pm EST on December 31. Our producer, Chuck Ochelli had his computer break last week. With a few donations he will be able to buy a new one and get the network back up and running. Please help by sending him a donation today. Go to and make a one time donation. Thank you, and we will see you on New Year's Eve. 

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Aaron makes a special solo show. Preparations are being made for Uncle's New Year's Revolution. Please help make the Revolution happen by going to and sending a one time donation to our producer, Chuck Ochelli. His computer broke down, and he needs a new one to make the Revolution happen. We don't need to raise much money to pull this off, so please show your support. 

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The Conspirosphere is an ever-changing environment, but is the conspiracy the conspiracy? 

topics include: New Years Eve, live radio, Patreon, Ai, Atlantic Council, RAND Corporation, think tanks, white papers, Bohemian Grove, A Relative Advantage, conspiracy theory, alternative research, Post Truth, Trump, MAGA, conservative movements, John Birch Society, Truth Movement

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What a strange environment we all populate in this transitory time that is the Age of Transitions. Mansions in Yorba Linda have a short shelf life as they can’t live up to the expectations of new owners. Meanwhile, the plebes who build up such estates by simply going to the dollar store continue doing what they need to do to survive. 

topics include: Miami police shooting UPS driver, delivering packages, televised police chases, violence on television, internet media, MSM covering up reality, Yorba Linda, Orange County, class distinctions, nouveou riche, spectacle, mansions, 91 freeway, house on hill, upper middle class, filming location, NFL wedding reception, cul de sac, suburbia, Awesome Products, LA, dollar store, homeless, Riverside, wealth, poverty, disparity, sociology, psychology, neurosis of the pursuit of wealth

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We have heard a bit about Cold War 2.0, but what do we really know of it? What about the original Cold War? China and Russia both seem to be adversarial and friendly given what American is talking about them, and in what context. 

topics include: geopolitics, economics, foreign policy, technology, government, propaganda, insular nations, internet, military

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The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence just had a large press event at the unveiling of draft of their upcoming report. This is one of the first public political events marking a major shift in the American establishment and geopolitics as they are effected by technology. 

topics include: NSCAI, US government, military, MIC, Silicon Valley, SRI, Carnegie Mellon, In-Q-Tel, Alphabet, Google, Amazon, Eric Schmidt, Henry Kissinger, machine learning, deep learning, defense, China, Russia, war, propaganda 

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Taking notice of some of the things that we take for granted can be a very useful thing.

topics include: basic needs, food, organization, chaos, control, letting go

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An impromptu roundtable discussion occurs when callers Marlon Ettinger and Adam Fitzgerald begin talking about systemic corruption. Are we the people to blame for this grand mess we are in, or should the finger be pointed at a dominant minority? 

topics include: media, news, information overload, Hillary Clinton, propaganda, education, individual responsibility, politics, economics, institutions

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Marlon Ettinger calls in to the show to pitch his radical political idea: Hillary 2020. His main selling point is that it would be the funniest possible outcome for all of us. 

topics include: art, Age of Transitions comic, Hillary Clinton, days of Trump, Democratic Party, liberals, right wingers, closet authoritarians, entertainment, comedy, The Apprentice, reality TV, campaigning, presidential election, celebrity, alchemy, magic, ideas

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Aaron tries to give some advice in order to help others give their own advice to themselves and those they care about. 

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Part 1 of 2 - JG Michael, host of the Parallax Views podcast, comes on the show to talk with Aaron about a wide range of topics on this two hour edition of The Age of Transitions radio show. 

topics include: 7he 6oy documentary, The Boy, Nathan Forest Winter, Victor Salva, sexual abuse, Me Too, Jeepers Creepers, film, media, Qanon, conspiracy theories, political extremism, racism, fascism, Carroll Quigley, demands of everyday life, truth movement, entrepreneurship, institutions

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The day of the infamous Area 51 Raid is here, but what ever became of the event? Was it a genuine storming of the military facility, a desert music festival, or just an online joke?

topics include: internet culture, politics, ufology, aliens, Naruto running, Japanimation, anime, art comics, Calvin and Hobbes, online trolls, social manipulation, information warfare, propaganda, China and Russia, AI, big data

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Comic book artist, Folie à Deux, joins the show to talk about the experience of attending art school. Both he and Aaron went to real deal art schools with similar curriculum. 

topics include: Black Budget Comix, art, college, scholarship, students, professors, different, social awkwardness, alternative ideas, academia, all nighters, projects, foundation year, design, painting, color theory, gauche, drawing, students with no talent, critiques, substance abuse, finding work, fierce competition, comics

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Art, what is it? Artists, who are they? The creative process is a strange, mysterious, and sometimes intimidating thing. It may not take talent to make art, but it does seem to take a sense of reckless abandon. 

topics include: title of artist, artistic talent, visual art, performance art, music, concept, color, design, art school, Bob Dylan, Rolling Thunder Revue, Bohemian, doing strange things, social experimentation, pentagram, four elements, spirit, human hand, thumb, mind, consciousness, philosophy, science, religion, alchemy, decay, nature, artifice, raw materials, medium 

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This episode of The Age of Transitions radio show covers the forceful land deals of influential players, transhumanism, and the infamous Octopus conspiracy made famous by Danny Casolaro. The new Unisphere facility, corporate headquarters of United Therapeutics, is a main focus during the conversation. 

topics include: transhumanism, transhumanists, Martine Rothblatt, biotech, pharmaceuticals, pulmonary arterial hypertension, drugs, Ewing Cole, Maryland flag, Washington DC, Lake Buena Vista, Disney World, Florida, CIA, Danny Casolaro, Indio CA, Cabazon Band of Mission Indians, reservation, Fantasy Springs, Wackenhut, California, tribal land, art, Rachel Haywire, transhumanist party

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US Transhumanist Party presidential candidate, Rachel Haywire comes onto The Age of Transitions radio show alongside JG Michael of Parallax Views. Rachel talks about some of the problems she has faced from within transhumanist circles. There are a few people within the movement who have no interest in bestowing the benefits of high technology to the masses. 

topics include: transhumanism, politics, US Transhumanist Party, WTA, h+, Humanity Plus, Singularity, technology, neuro diversity, elitism, Natasha Vita More, Max More, Alcor, life extension, Ben Goertzel, Singularity Institute, Ai, Michael Vassar, intellectual property, billionaires, anarchy

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Pearse Redmond talks to Aaron Franz on this bonus podcast episode of The Age of Transitions radio show about Jeffrey Epstein, his death, and more. Transhumanist ideas and problems with media coverage of this event are the focal point of the conversation. The Epstein story is primed to be exploited by white nationalist/racial identity media outlets. Will this happen, and how might the Epstein narrative be perceived by the general public if it occurs? 

Bobby calls in to the show to talk a little bit about technology, where it is headed, and what it may all mean. 

topics include: Ai, machine learning, big data, quantum computing, IT, processing power, military, government, Jacques Ellul, Who Made Who, Natasha Vita More, Max More, Lucifer, occult

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Pearse Redmond returns to the show to talk about Jeffrey Epstein and his financing of transhumanist projects over the years. His money has long been welcomed by a wide range of scientific researchers, but one has to wonder about the full extent of such business relationships. 

topics include: Jeffrey Epstein case updates, news coverage, Virginia Roberts, Iran Contra, eugenics, cryonics, transhumanism, Ai, AGI, OpenCog, Ben Goertzel, WTA, World Transhumanist Association, Harvard, total lack of ethics or morality, life extension, computers, machine learning, blockchain, SingularityNET, business, behind the scenes, unseen financiers of movements

new concept for The Age of Transitions radio show, Aaron actually covers some recent news stories. From the megalomaniacal eugenic fantasies of Jeffrey Epstein, to the violence caused by off-duty police officers. There is a lot of darkness, but also a dim light shining in the midst of it all. 

topics include: Jeffrey Epstein, transhumanism, eugenics, Ben Goertzel, OpenCog, World Transhumanist Association, Sophia, Hanson Robotics, Zorro Ranch, master race breeding fantasies, cult groups, Costco shooting in Corona CA, security camera footage, NDAs for employees, evidence, off-duty cop, murder, corruption, breakdown of institutions, Age of Transitions

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Socialism doesn’t work, but what about Communism? It seems to be working well for the Chinese government, much to the bewilderment of Republicans and Libertarians in America. 

topics include: Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, China, government, private industry, venture capital, technology, internet, cellular phones, apps, USA, Silicon Valley, Kai-Fu Lee, infrastructure, jobs market, automation, economy, factories, politics, Republicans and Democrats, ethical codes in US tech industry, free markets, Occupy Wall Street, one percenters, Ronald Reagan, trickle down economics, Donald Trump, tariffs, Ai, data, magic, marketing, public relations, Edward Bernays, propaganda 

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In a world where “everyone has a podcast” there are an abundance of shows that focus on conspiracy theories. How many of these programs are being made by producers who actually care about the subject matter?

topics include: podcasting, broadcasting, media, hosts, advertisers, monetization, integrity, degradation of serious material, truth movement, 9/11 truth, alternative media, research, entertainment, analytics, producing material by the numbers

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Synchronicity is apparent once again as things continue to fall into place. The Age of Transitions radio show and podcast may have a new name, and a slightly more mature mission, but it is being done in the very same spirit as it was from its beginning.  

Ochelli Radio Network, listeners helping to promote the show, iTunes reviews, high desert Joshua Tree, camping trip, synchronicity, rebranding of Trans Resister Radio to The Age of Transitions, Revolve Man’s Scientific Rise To Godhood, creating media, loaded term trans, play on words, possible misunderstandings, identity politics, nomenclature as destiny, branding, success with the show, training your mind, Tank Man, Tiananmen Square, power of images, good aspects of technological development, resisting oppression, power of immaterial things, military technology, cyborgs, transhumanism, 2045 Global Initiative, mind uploading, Transpecies Society, cellular phones, online life, smart homes, reliance on technology

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The podcast is now rebranded The Age of Transitions. On this first episode featuring the new name a very important topic is discussed: NEEEEEEEEERDS!

topics include: Revenge of the Nerds movie, fraternities, social clubs, secret societies, nerds obstacle is socializing, rituals and hazing, men dressing as women, Kappa Beta Phi, Wall-street fraternity, Kevin Roose, occult, initiation, neophytes, enlightenment, fire symbolism, universities, education, NSA, cryptography, federal agencies that are self contained secret societies, the virtuous nerd

Direct download: 234_The_Age_of_Transitions_Is_Here_Nerds.mp3
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Aaron celebrates the Summer Solstice with a live broadcast. A quick look at Masonic symbolism moves into a huge glance at the mystery of consciousness. 

Summer Solstice, holy days, religion, philosophy, myth, agriculture, Freemasonry, the Builders, artifice, nature, Garden of Eden, history of consciousness, Owen Barfield, participation, ego, new age, native Americans encountering Europeans landing boats on ocean shore, creating your own reality, blaming the victim, shallow views of deeper truths, meditation, Zen gardening, atheists, arguing what God is and thinks, eye witness accounts not reliable, perception is reality, subconscious, mind 

Direct download: 233_Summer_Solstice_Consciousness_Studies.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:47am EDT

Carroll Quigley has left a legacy for conspiracy theorists everywhere. Is he only to be appreciated by right wing extremists, or is there something there for everyone? 

topics include: Franni, Yanni, Pure Moods, new age music, Carroll Quigley, Evolution of Civilizations, vested special interests, history, macro history, scientific method, Western Civilization, ignoring Chinese history, Tragedy and Hope, weapons, politics, Bill Clinton, conspiracy culture, right wing extremism, John Birch Society, Richard Grove, rogue publishing, GSG and Associates, Macmillan, first edition, other authors having publishing cut off

Direct download: 232_The_Macro_Sometimes_Wackro_History_of_Carroll_Quigley.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:55pm EDT

Aaron is getting older all the time. Despite popular opinion, getting old can actually be a good thing. What knowledge have you gained over the span of your lifetime thus far? 

topics include: iTunes going away, podcasts, Pennsylvania, getting older can be better, quality of life, knowledge, Kaballah, occult science, chat room interaction, camping in the desert, Twitter, John in Astoria Oregon, Dave McGowan interview, Meria Heller, Ryan Dawson, the Goonies, John Jacob Astor, pirates, Alan Parsons Project, number 23, Sirius Satellite Radio, Martine Rothblatt, transhumanism, IEET, United Nations, international space treaties, occult symbolism, Howard Stern interview, Woodstock Film Festival, 2B film, James Hughes, journalism, robotics competitions, China, government and private sector symbiosis, Ai, industry

Direct download: 231_Getting_Old.mp3
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Chuck and Uncle fill in for Aaron as guest hosts for this episode  of Trans Resister Radio. Friend and regular caller Marlon Ettinger calls in to discuss an interesting book about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. 

topics include: live radio show, Skype, talking, closet revamp, Why Was Lincoln Murdered, history documentaries, Civil War, thrift store finds, huskies, dog breeding, greyhound racing, horse racing, Kentucky Derby, JFK assassination, premonitions of murder, Uncle business cards, China, artificial intelligence, 21st century, Japan no longer tech leader, emerging technologies, deep learning, Big Data, IT, military development, philosophy by which computer science is constructed

Direct download: 230_Uncleham_Lincoln.mp3
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Chuck and Uncle fill in for Aaron as guest hosts for this episode  of Trans Resister Radio. Friend and regular caller Marlon Ettinger calls in to discuss an interesting book about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. 

topics include: live radio show, Skype, talking, closet revamp, Why Was Lincoln Murdered, history documentaries, Civil War, thrift store finds, huskies, dog breeding, greyhound racing, horse racing, Kentucky Derby, JFK assassination, premonitions of murder, Uncle business cards, China, artificial intelligence, 21st century, Japan no longer tech leader, emerging technologies, deep learning, Big Data, IT, military development, philosophy by which computer science is constructed

Direct download: 230_Uncleham_Lincoln.mp3
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Aaron does a casual show in which he gets to talk to producer Chuck Ochelli, and regular caller Robin. From the Internet of Things to eugenics, there was no shortage of things to talk about here. 

topics include: China, US, global relations, Cold War style rhetoric, technology, Ai, deep learning, big data, information technology, big tech, smart TVs gathering data on users, Netflix, 5G, wireless, adverse health effects, privacy, F16 Crash into Cisco warehouse, military industrial complex, eugenics, artificial wombs, PC culture bringing big changes, politics, Revolve book, Francis Galton, inbreeding of Galton Darwin and Wedgwood families

Direct download: 229_Inbred_Eugenic_Artificial_Womb_Children.mp3
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What motive might our old friend Newt Gingrich have for bringing political discourse down to the level of the average person? Is the general mood of the public different depending on geographic location? These questions and more are explored on this episode of Trans Resister Radio.

topics include: Ochelli Radio Network, The Age of Transitions, converging technologies, NBIC, politics, public relations, Donald Trump, writing for television, mood, travel, California

Direct download: 224_Changing_Environs.mp3
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Some ideas on how to confront online media abominations. Going head on the field of social media will get you nowhere. Now is the time to be creative and have a sense of humor.

topics include: The Onion, satire, parody, click bait, Twitter, social media, news, journalism, patriot movement, right wing extremism, alternative media, making up false stories, charlatans, grifters, JFK researchers, left wing roots of conspiracy culture, comedy, humor, marketing

Direct download: 222_Dont_Play_The_Game_By_Their_Rules.mp3
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Do we entertain angels unaware? When a homeless man speaks is he channeling a higher power? Were groups of pirates occult orders or just some stinky men with peg legs and eye patches? These questions and much more are discussed on this episode of Trans Resister Radio.

topics include: purposely confusing people, the invisible class, homeless people, secret messages, divination, paranormal, preternatural, secret societies, occult, king dressed as a beggar, intelligence agents, CIA, cryptography, angels, secret societies, initiates, fraternal orders, pirates, Pirates of the Caribbean, Disneyland

Direct download: 220_Entertaining_Angels_Unawares.mp3
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Aaron calls on his audience to help him procure guests for the show. He also muses on the idea of doing an Age of Transitions 2 video. 

topics include: guest interviews, social media, emails, Kai-Fu Lee, AI Superpowers, Yasha Levine, Surveillance Valley, Newt Gingrich, artificial intelligence, deep learning, algorithms, big data, economics, media

Direct download: 217_Power_to_the_Audience.mp3
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Aaron shares some thoughts on the history and current state of artificial intelligence development. China and the US are the current global leaders in the field. Is there a new cold war scenario between these two countries? What are the true long term goals when it comes to Ai? 

topics include: artificial intelligence, machine learning, ARPANET, DARPA, military technological development, Vietnam War, China, Xinjiang, Uyghur minority, concentration camps, Social Credit system, government, corporations, Amazon, Alibaba, cloud computing, MIC, wars, civil liberties

Direct download: 215_China_and_the_US_Battle_For_Artificial_Intelligence_Supremacy.mp3
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Trans Resister Radio and Uncle (the podcast) took this Friday off in preparation for Uncle's New Year's Revolution. Be sure to listen live this New Year's Eve from 9pm-3am EST. Call in to join the fun at 252-301-2255. 

The show will be streaming live on , YouTube, and IG. You can find the YouTube livestream at 

Direct download: Uncles_New_Years_Revolution_promo.mp3
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Aaron reminds the listening audience to join Uncle’s New Year’s Revolution live on New Year’s Eve this year. He and Uncle will be having fun and taking calls. After the call to revolution was complete the topic at hand became media, its pitfalls, and ubiquitous dark undercurrent that we all experience. It as at once mysterious and obvious, but not discussed nearly enough. 

topics include: live radio, call in show, fun, media, distribution channels, internet, social media, connectivity, mobile devices, communications, subculture, counterculture, heavy metal, skateboarding, mind games, formulas, playing to a wide audience, political extremism, far right movements, conspiracy culture, alternative media, terrorism, conspiracy behind the conspiracy, change over time, optimism

Direct download: 213_Whose_Mind_Game_Are_You_Playing.mp3
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A leisurely talk about Saint Germain, The Church Universal and Triumphant, secret societies and much more. 

topics include: Uncle’s New Year’s Revolution, live streaming, podcasting, iTunes, reviews, St Germain on Alchemy, Elizabeth Claire Prophet, occult, secret societies, esoteric, religion, cults, high control groups

Direct download: 212_Saint_Germain_Has_A_Posse.mp3
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On this show Aaron talks a bit about art, music and the creative process. Producer, Chuck Ochelli joins to give some insight from his experience working as a musician. 

topics include: art, music, creating, talent, practice, fame, making a living, Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen, Freddy Mercury, Fat Bottomed Girls, rock music, painting, drawing, VIncent Van Gogh, depression, Bruce Springsteen, New Jersey, touring band, session musicians

Direct download: 208_The_Power_of_Creating.mp3
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Aaron reads reviews of Trans Resister Radio written by listeners and posted to iTunes. He also talks to producer Chuck about making media, audience participation, and online activities in general.

topics include: iTunes reviews, listener feedback, communication, podcasting, broadcasting, live radio, hosting a show, encouragement, audience participation, communication, listening to podcasts at work, underemployment, YouTube comments, Twitter, life in the First World

Direct download: 207_Listener_Reviews_Read_From_iTunes.mp3
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In this episode, Aaron is replaced by a machine. The first half of the show is dictated by Hostbot 3000. After that, Aaron returns to give his commentary on Newt Gingrich’s concept of The Age of Transitions.

topics include: The Age of Transitions, Newt Gingrich, technology, nanotech, future, politics, government, Donald Trump, 2016 presidential campaign

Direct download: 204_RoboNewt_Age_of_Transitions_Analysis.mp3
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On this episode of Trans Resister Radio Aaron and his producer Chuck Ochelli return to their conversation on the occult meanings of heavy metal lyrics. Songs by Death, Dio and Danzig are analyzed along with many other fun tangential things along the way. 

topics include: heavy metal, left-hand path occultism, Manowar, silliness vs seriousness, light, fire

Direct download: 202_More_and_More_Metal_Talk.mp3
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Although he is not "good with computers", Aaron Franz has managed to create 200 episodes of Trans Resister Radio. This benchmark episode is highlighted by some great live calls. Aaron and producer, Chuck Ochelli, also get a chance to talk a bit about occult themes in heavy metal music. 

topics include: good at computers, malware and viruses, listener feedback, heavy metal, Chuck Ochelli, Papercut, live calls, left-hand path, Aleister Crowley, Behemoth, liner notes, multiple interpretations, Ed in Washington, letters in the mail, Twit Wit Radio, Berkeley, Norwegian Black Metal, burn churches, murder of bandmates, underground metal scenes, Satanism, Deicide, evil, Twilight, anti-establishment, average person wanting things spelled out for them, anger, anit-war, darkness of the world, Slayer, South of Heaven, anomie, Hell, danger of conformity, consciousness, God Hates Us All, songs against orthodox Christianity, metal tropes, hypocrisy of the church, lyrics vs instrumentation

Direct download: 200_Historic_Two_Hundredth_Episode_of_TRR.mp3
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Aaron invites his friend and producer Chuck Ochelli on to have a casual conversation about heavy metal. Both Aaron and Chuck are metal fans and here they have a lot of fun talking about some of the music that they like. Look for an Occult Themes in Popular Music episode coming in the future which will get into the darker “Satanic” side of heavy metal lyrics. 

topics include: Chuck Ochelli, heavy metal, fans, music, history, Steppenwolf, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Napalm Death, death metal, thrash metal, Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy Kilmister, Earth, Metallica, post WW2 England, Ronnie James Dio, raising children on metal, Christian reaction to metal, Judas Priest court trial, Carcass, Death, black metal, live shows, punk rock, youth, hair metal, Poison, Motley Crue, corporate marketing schemes, snort ants, pee on the Alamo, Stryper, Hookers for Jesus, Gummo, Airheads, Glen Danzig, the Misfits, occult, Freemasonry, secret societies, backwards masking, Stained Class, Suicide Solution, Beastie Boys, living in hotels, Marilyn Manson

Direct download: 199_A_Chat_on_Heavy_Metal_History_and_more_with_Chuck_Ochelli.mp3
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Aaron Franz and Chuck Ochelli talk a bit about the "Great Purge" of 2018 involving Alex Jones and other politically subversive internet personalities. 

topics include: iTunes reviews for podcasts, Alex Jones, social media ejections, The Great Purge, Chuck Ochelli, censorship, intellectual property, media production, online videos, Jack Blood, public threats, slander, conspiracy culture, 9/11 Truth, controlled opposition, audio mixer, technical difficulties, handing out DVDs in person

Direct download: 197_The_Great_Purge.mp3
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On this week’s show Aaron gives his listeners a declaration of intent for Trans Resister Radio. His ambitions to grow the show, and insight into his creative process are the focus. This is by no means a typical radio broadcast, but that is a good thing, and hopefully something that the audience appreciates. Please help out by writing a review on iTunes and/or signing up to help Aaron on Patreon.

topics include: live broadcast Friday nights, podcast audience, callers, creative process, art, Uncle (the podcast), inside jokes, behind the scenes, chaos, chance, dark humor, comedy, Twitter, genres, categories, marketing problems, limited audience, defying labels, quality over quantity, the numbers game, hypocrisy, antagonism between content creators, difficult social problems worked out on an individual basis, honesty, call for assistance, vote with your dollar, expenses, book sales, podcasters bringing in true income, listener engagement, finding purpose

Direct download: 195_Trans_Resister_Radio_Declaration_of_Intent.mp3
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Small differences can seem to make a world of difference. In the end scheme of things, we all live on the same planet. That is, of course, until our Lord and Savior Elon Musk takes us to Mars. 

topics include: lining up guests, argument with prospective guest, new age nonsense, occult, Satanism, Anton LaVey, Elon Musk, alchemy, magic, public relations, Starbucks racist coffee comedy performance art, splinters of Truth Movement

Direct download: 182_Points_of_Contention_In_The_Realm_of_the_Abstract.mp3
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This is the premier episode of the new live version of Trans Resister Radio. The show will air every Wednesday from 10pm-midnight EST on In this episode Aaron lets the audience know who he is, and what to expect from this latest incarnation of TRR. 

topics include: live radio, callers, audience, The Age of Transitions video, podcasting, commentary, research, alternative topics, conspiracy, books, transhumanism, blogs, white papers, eugenics, philosophy, religion

Direct download: 181_Trans_Resister_Radio_Goes_Live_on_Ochellidotcom.mp3
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Learn all about Anthony Levandowski. From the Google vs Uber court case, to his new religion which is based on the worship of Artificial Intelligence. 

topics include: guest spots on other shows, transhumanism, Singularity, Anthony Levandowski, artificial intelligence, Google and Uber lawsuit, autonomous vehicles, Ghost Rider motorcycle, DARPA Grand Challenge, Smithsonian American History Museum, Berkeley, lidar, Velodyne, Vuetool, Google Street View, 510 Systems, Topcon box, Project Chauffeur, robots, control the world, Otto, self driving taxis, AI religion, Way of the Future, AGI, godlike machine, ideas before development, alchemy, the Transition, the Manual, ideals, Ben Goertzel, h+, fringe topics, self preservation, immortality, science fiction, contradictions, occult, atheism, deeper understanding

Direct download: 176_Anthony_Levandowski_and_his_AI_God.mp3
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Aaron briefly explains his new Patreon campaign to listeners. 

Direct download: 1745_Aaron_Franz_Patreon_Campaign.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:41pm EDT

Here, Aaron talks about the new album Everything Now, by Arcade Fire. Dancing back and forth from satirical comedy to utter tragedy, the music on this album succeeds in putting forth some very powerful messages and ideas. 

topics include: Arcade Fire, Everything Now, zeitgeist, art, social commentary, dark comedy, satire, media, concept album, quantity over quality, consumption, consumerism, depression, suicide, anomie, rock music, Millenials, Infinite Content, Chemistry, guitar hook, debased lyrics, Stereo Mcs Connected, Signs of Life, Reflektor, Creature Comfort, diamond mine, alchemy, PSA, poking fun, read between the lines, mirror, subtext, delusion, truth movement, Mike Cernovich thrown off by heckler, updates

Direct download: 173_Everything_Now_Listen_To_Arcade_Fires_New_Album_Again.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:38am EDT

The age old goal of becoming truly human has been discarded in favor of reverting to a Gorilla Mindset. Well, for some folks this is the case. What about you? 

topics include: update, alternative media landscape, going mainstream, Alex Jones performance artist, truth as a marketing tool, lawsuits, Mike Cernovich, Alt Right, Gorilla Mindset, esoteric goal of becoming human, Hercules, 12 animals of zodiac, thinking by the numbers, defeat with popularity, Battle of Berkeley, trap of anger, greater truth, mundane routine, Tao, semantics games, doing something useful, positivity, AJES article

Direct download: 171_Let_Them_be_Gorillas.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:07am EDT

Aaron shares some of his thoughts on president Donald Trump, the Truth Movement, and where the "alternative" media may be heading. 

topics include: supporting Aaron, president Trump, anti-establishment president, alternative media, Age of Transitions team, technology, post truth world, sharing research material, Alt Right, alt media joining mainstream, right wing politics, fringe politics, racism, doublethink, Radical Islamic Terrorism, War on Terror, Truth Movement, civil liberties, foreign wars, Truthers as bad guys, Nazis, martial law, Trump the celebrity, political leaders need to relate to average person, population divided, self destruction, left right political paradigm


Direct download: 169_Trumpeting_the_Demise_of_Truth.mp3
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Aaron talks about some of the strangest examples of his own brain's neurons firing off electro-chemical signals across synapses. 

topics include: status of podcast, remembering childhood consciousness, meditation as precursor to OBE, Nothing, experiences that defy logic, occult practices, metaphysics are misunderstood, attention, waking up, awareness during sleep, dreams, astral projection, Robert Bruce, mobile body awareness, Rosicrucians, sleep paralysis, vibration, feeling as though you are struggling with someone, dark side of your psyche, physical and metaphysical realities coincide, reductionist empiricism, Persinger’s God Helmet, public acquiescence to academic opinion, lucid dreaming experiences, telepathy, retaining awareness just before falling asleep, transhumanism, definition of normal


Direct download: 167_Out_There_Experiences.mp3
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A life of creating media leads to contemplation of its many shortcomings. More than one devilish prankster has purposely taken advantage of these built in media biases in order to have a good laugh. In this podcast, Aaron encourages such nonsense not only to have some fun but to better understand media and social dynamics as well. 

topics include: art, animation, art class, local newspapers, journalism, interviewee taken out of context, point of view, spin, The Age of Transitions, New Year's Eve 2000, Y2K, WTC 7 as command center, terrorism, promoting the official story of 9/11, viewer, communication, Andy Kaufman, inter-gender wrestling, pranks, Franni 


Direct download: 157_Awareness_of_Media_Shortcomings.mp3
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Aaron returns to the dark topic of race politics. Both mainstream and alternative media are in love with stories that can instantly create a hate fueled vitriolic divide within the population. As this occurs the mainstream and alternative worlds grow ever closer in their philosophic ideals. Political extremism is becoming the norm. 

topics include: website rebuild, CSS, race politics, ordinary people fighting each other, media techniques, polarized politics, right and left wing extremism, reactionary public, hatred, stirring up emotions, birthers, Donald Trump the first birther, drift toward fringe, blurring line between mainstream and alternative, controversy, racism, anger, frustration, libertarian philosophy, free markets, American Dream, Neocons, war, American Empire, Defense budgets, white genocide, Nazi sympathy, media encouraging racism against white people, racist social media posts, rational people leaving alternative ideas behind, economic system, slaves to the bottom line, no regard for true value, quantity over quality, Shark  Tank, waste of time, depression

Aaron talks about two similar topics: Donald Trump, and cat crap. 

Direct download: 155_Divided_We_Fall_in_Love_With_the_Latest_Gimmick.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:02pm EDT has been hacked.

topics include: hacked websites, detachment, humility, Stone Cold Steve Austin

Direct download: 154_New_Years_Hackin_Eve.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:44pm EDT

Dave McGowan passed away on Nov 22, 2015. This podcast is a small tribute to his life and work.

Direct download: 150_Dave_McGowan_Tribute.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:06pm EDT

This is the last episode in the Alchemical Golden State of California podcast series. Take a trip out the I-15 to Zzyzx Road and relive the history of Curtis Springer's Zzyzx Mineral Springs. The Boulevard of Dreams is aptly named as the Golden California Dream itself has always been a desert mirage. 

topics include: Disneyland, alchemy, gold, ideals, reality, Irvine, toll roads, traffic, suburbs, sprawl, car chases, catharsis, Zzyzx Road, Curtis Springer, mineral springs, I 15, desert, Death Valley, Borax, Amargosa Opera House

Direct download: 138_The_Alchemical_Golden_State_of_California_part_4.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:54am EDT

The Alchemical Golden State of California series continues on Trans Resister Radio. Orange County takes center stage as Aaron talks about this bizarre land of fruits and nuts. From MMA fighters in HB to the gold-digging televangelist ministry of Robert Schuller, not even Walt Disney himself could have imagined this sort of New Gold Dream.

topics include: sprawl, large population in small area, Orange County, Republicans, far-right politics, materialism, Huntington Beach, white supremacy, appearance of wealth, plastic surgery, mania, children of privilege, MMA ultimate fighting, PCH, cycle bots, fashion, Crystal Cathedral, Robert Schuller, worst of religion, Disneyland, Abraham Lincoln, alchemy, Tomorrowland, virtue and vice, waking dreams, psychedelic, arrested development, Club 33, something out of nothing

Direct download: 137_The_Alchemical_Golden_State_of_California_part_3.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:49pm EDT

Aaron continues talking about some of the things that make California unique. In this episode he gets into some of his personal experiences and observations from living in Long Beach and Orange County. 

topics include: Freemasonry, alchemy, LA, Hollywood, film, Griffith Park Observatory, James Dean, Ahmanson, Philosophical Research Society, Manly P Hall, William Randolph Hearst, Hearst Castle, Esalen Institute, SLO, Monterey, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, MIC, LAX, Long Beach, downtown revitalization projects, TED, Rose Park, Rosicrucians, tortoise cult, oil, Port of Long Beach, Queen Mary, Spruce Goose, San Pedro, Sunken City, Asian American population, Hispanic community, Spanish, racial tension, churches, Orange County

Direct download: 136_The_Alchemical_Golden_State_of_California_part_2.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:43am EDT

Aaron shares a little of his personal history as he contemplates his own future, and talks about his experiences in the world of alternative research and media production. Sometimes it is worthwhile to take a long and winding path in order to go back to where you started.

topics include: art school, animation, 9/11, truth movement, conspiracy, pattern recognition, religion

Direct download: 129_Truth_Religion_and_Animation.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:09am EDT

Aaron does a quick podcast about autonomous robotic systems. Many jobs that are now performed by humans will be done by machines in the near future. So the question is what should we be doing about this now?

topics include: Ai, robotics, autonomous systems, self-driving cars, FIRST competition, DARPA Grand Challenge, academia, military, transportation, Silicon Valley

Direct download: 128_The_Present_and_Future_of_Autonomous_Systems.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:10pm EDT

Aaron gives some added points on past podcasts. The World Stage concept continues to be important in its relation to what is said here.

topics include: Carlisle PA, Carlisle Indian Industrial School, Jim Thorpe, Great Sioux War, Benjamin Franklin, David Lynch, Andy Kaufman, performance art, trickster spirit, nothing is real, transcendental meditation, cosmic consciousness, truth, relief, relaxation, religion, cults, Michael Richards, Laurel Canyon, Dennis Hopper, Laura Dern, Bruce Dern, films, Hollywood, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive.

Direct download: 122_Tying_up_loose_ends.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:00am EDT

Hang in there as Aaron preaches about exercise, because later he deals with the incredibly pressing issue of the 2015 Grammy Awards. People do tend to get worked up about such events, but what kind of performances nearly always go unnoticed?





topics include: cycling, exercise, weight training, making time, health, Grammy Awards, Kanye West, Beck, performers, stage, world stage, reality and fiction, subtlety, Andy Kaufman, theater of war, presidents, actors, speech writers, propaganda, perception

Direct download: 119_Veiled_Performance_Art_in_Pop_Culture.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:35pm EDT

Aaron suggests listening to one of the many interviews he's given lately. Internet radio shows and podcasts including Legalise Freedom, The Bridge with Kira, ClandesTime, The Ripple Effect, and Reality Bytes are the most recent. These shows are all either posted online now, or will be very soon. Check out the "Press" tab at to listen to them.

Direct download: 117_Update_on_recent_interviews.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:19pm EDT

What begins as a reading from Carroll Quigley's Tragedy and Hope ends up as a critique of the alternative media at large. Society itself is in a state of tragic confusion, of anomie, but what about the alternative sphere? Should we not be offering some sort of solution to that great problem, instead of piling more refuse onto an already massive landfill of nonsense?





topics include: Carroll Quigley, Roundtable Group, Milner Group, Cecil Rhodes, Lord Milner, Ango-American Establishment, British colonization, anomie, confusion, loss of morality, addiction, sociology, alternative media, right wing, reactionary movements, masses, angry mob, occult, religion, Christianity, Bible, simplistic views, contradictions, Mystery Tradition, secret societies, occult knowledge

Direct download: 116_Anomie_in_an_Age_of_Transitions.mp3
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Aaron keeps things casual as he talks about various topics. The show ends up with an exploration of the idea of Enlightenment. A difficult thing to nail down, Enlightenment is certainly a real phenomenon. Where it actually takes an individual is never certain until that person takes action on their own.





topics include: American Civil War, hidden history, Sam Houston, divide and conquer, confusion, Enlightenment, epiphany, different interpretations, good and evil, fear of death, devaluing life


Direct download: 114_Enlightenment_Both_Good_and_Evil.mp3
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A dark cloud now hangs over the alternative media. Race politics, Nazi sympathy, and "white genocide" have become the jumping off points for a rising faction within the alt media sphere. Now is the time to point out this obvious fact.
topics include: hate within the alternative media, race politics, white supremacy, Nazi sympathy, depression, self destruction, standing on your own, no affiliations, hypothetical futures, destroying the Truth Movement, documentary filmmaking, Alex Jones, clip videos, transhumanism, future of resistance movements, reactionary groups, violence, not falling into traps, defending your mind.

Direct download: 112_Alternative_History_X_Hate_Politics_Rising_Within_the_Alt_Media.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:16pm EDT