The Age of Transitions
Author and digital filmmaker Aaron Franz hosts this podcast about transhumanism, social manipulation, the occult, and much more.

Trans Resister Radio and Uncle (the podcast) took this Friday off in preparation for Uncle's New Year's Revolution. Be sure to listen live this New Year's Eve from 9pm-3am EST. Call in to join the fun at 252-301-2255. 

The show will be streaming live on , YouTube, and IG. You can find the YouTube livestream at 

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The latest Trans Resister Radio Bonus Podcast was recorded in a parking lot on Aaron's lunch break. The main topic is media production, and the many tricks that many choose to employ to get ahead. At least, that's what they think they are doing. 

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Aaron reminds the listening audience to join Uncle’s New Year’s Revolution live on New Year’s Eve this year. He and Uncle will be having fun and taking calls. After the call to revolution was complete the topic at hand became media, its pitfalls, and ubiquitous dark undercurrent that we all experience. It as at once mysterious and obvious, but not discussed nearly enough. 

topics include: live radio, call in show, fun, media, distribution channels, internet, social media, connectivity, mobile devices, communications, subculture, counterculture, heavy metal, skateboarding, mind games, formulas, playing to a wide audience, political extremism, far right movements, conspiracy culture, alternative media, terrorism, conspiracy behind the conspiracy, change over time, optimism

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A leisurely talk about Saint Germain, The Church Universal and Triumphant, secret societies and much more. 

topics include: Uncle’s New Year’s Revolution, live streaming, podcasting, iTunes, reviews, St Germain on Alchemy, Elizabeth Claire Prophet, occult, secret societies, esoteric, religion, cults, high control groups

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Spike Robinson and Pearse Redmond come on to talk about their podcast series Undue Influence In Popular Culture. The podcast is published through the Open Minds Foundation. The mystery of the mind and the power of imagination are treasures of the human condition. But every bright and shining treasure casts its shadow. 

topics include: undue influence, high control groups, cults, pop culture, media, hypnotism, the mind, guided imagination, entertainment, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientology, door to door magazine crews

Jeffrey Matte comes on Trans Resister Radio for the first time. He and Aaron take the opportunity to talk a bit about the process once referred to as “waking up”. Within the truth seeking community things have taken a decided turn, but to where? 

topics include: truth movement, years 2006 and 2008, Freemasonry, waking up process, Jordan Maxwell, Egypt, irrational aspects of life, corruption, conspiracy, artificial intelligence, social credit system, transhumanism

Aaron reads from, and gives his commentary on, The Tao Te Ching. A wonderfully succinct epic exploration of the Mystery of all existence, the Tao is world famous for good reason. Here, the first five verses of the text are read, and compared to other creation myths from throughout time and across the world. 

topics include: religion, translations, Lao Tsu, Eastern vs Western ideas, philosophy, economy of language, universal truth, naming, first cause, abstract, tangible, duality, dialectics, Yin and Yang, life, death, geology, the Great Integrity, the Great Transition, temperance, desire, suffering, esoteric traditions, Ancient Mysteries, wisdom, meditation, transcendence, mind, abstract thought, creation, gods, the Bible, gods, time, life, manifestation, consciousness, metaphysics

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Zach Miller is the keyboardist of the band Dr Dog. He also happens to be an old friend of Aaron’s from Pennsylvania. Here, the two reminisce about tours of abandoned mansions and machine gun factories. A little bit about Ai and live music is also added to the conversation. 

topics include: Dr Dog, working as a touring musician, being onstage, Newport Music Hall in Columbus OH, Philly Phanatic, Gritty, Philadelphia Flyers, podcasting, Ai, Westworld, self driving cars, temp work, cleaning up filth at Land O Lakes, West Chester, drinking games, living in basement, Psychedelic Swamp, Thornwald Mansion, Carlisle, memory, preshow playlist, live music venues, social media, Instagram algorithms causing problems

On this show Aaron talks a bit about art, music and the creative process. Producer, Chuck Ochelli joins to give some insight from his experience working as a musician. 

topics include: art, music, creating, talent, practice, fame, making a living, Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen, Freddy Mercury, Fat Bottomed Girls, rock music, painting, drawing, VIncent Van Gogh, depression, Bruce Springsteen, New Jersey, touring band, session musicians

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Aaron reads reviews of Trans Resister Radio written by listeners and posted to iTunes. He also talks to producer Chuck about making media, audience participation, and online activities in general.

topics include: iTunes reviews, listener feedback, communication, podcasting, broadcasting, live radio, hosting a show, encouragement, audience participation, communication, listening to podcasts at work, underemployment, YouTube comments, Twitter, life in the First World

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Author and musician Sand Sheff returns to Trans Resister Radio. He and Aaron have a good old fashioned talk about transhumanism, emerging technologies, and so much more that comes along in this age of transitions. 

Sand Sheff, transhumanism, emerging technologies, Ai, Elon Musk, Ray Kurzweil, Ramona, media, political landscape, future, Sophia, sex robots, automation, work, economy, resistance, different kinds of conservatism, Eclipse Miracle book

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Recording on All Hallow's Eve, Aaron talks a little bit about occult matters. From the Trinity to dark and scary things including Satan, there is always plenty to think about when dealing with occult matters. 

topics include: trinity, modern Catholic ideas, Ancient Egyptian ideas, comparative religion, myth, reincarnation, philosophy, animals, Set, Satan, Lucifer, light and dark, day and night, war in heaven, left-hand path occultism, Temple of Set, creator god, mind, alchemy, creation myths, first cause, material world, objective vs subjective reality, unique quality of human consciousness

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Winston Conrad returns to Trans Resister Radio. Here, he gives a bit of his background working as an attorney. The many strange nuances between the political and legal worlds, and Winston’s new 5in5 podcast are focal points of the conversation.

topics include: law, law school, New York City post 9/11, civil rights, immigration, legalization of narcotics, right and left wing viewpoints, podcasting

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In this episode, Aaron is replaced by a machine. The first half of the show is dictated by Hostbot 3000. After that, Aaron returns to give his commentary on Newt Gingrich’s concept of The Age of Transitions.

topics include: The Age of Transitions, Newt Gingrich, technology, nanotech, future, politics, government, Donald Trump, 2016 presidential campaign

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In this post-Trump era politics has taken a turn for the strange, violent, and entertaining.  We, the people, love engaging content, but where do we draw the line when it comes to serious issues? Have we collectively lost our mind? 

topics include: iTunes reviews, PA governors race, Tom Wolf, Wagner, golf spikes, professional wrestling, Juggalos, ICP, Gathering of the Juggalos, ADDTV, Donald Trump, comedy and politics, 2016 presidential race, law and order, authoritarian takeover, martial law, partisan politics, divisive issues, arguing in place of debate, real change

On this episode of Trans Resister Radio Aaron and his producer Chuck Ochelli return to their conversation on the occult meanings of heavy metal lyrics. Songs by Death, Dio and Danzig are analyzed along with many other fun tangential things along the way. 

topics include: heavy metal, left-hand path occultism, Manowar, silliness vs seriousness, light, fire

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Although he is not "good with computers", Aaron Franz has managed to create 200 episodes of Trans Resister Radio. This benchmark episode is highlighted by some great live calls. Aaron and producer, Chuck Ochelli, also get a chance to talk a bit about occult themes in heavy metal music. 

topics include: good at computers, malware and viruses, listener feedback, heavy metal, Chuck Ochelli, Papercut, live calls, left-hand path, Aleister Crowley, Behemoth, liner notes, multiple interpretations, Ed in Washington, letters in the mail, Twit Wit Radio, Berkeley, Norwegian Black Metal, burn churches, murder of bandmates, underground metal scenes, Satanism, Deicide, evil, Twilight, anti-establishment, average person wanting things spelled out for them, anger, anit-war, darkness of the world, Slayer, South of Heaven, anomie, Hell, danger of conformity, consciousness, God Hates Us All, songs against orthodox Christianity, metal tropes, hypocrisy of the church, lyrics vs instrumentation

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Aaron invites his friend and producer Chuck Ochelli on to have a casual conversation about heavy metal. Both Aaron and Chuck are metal fans and here they have a lot of fun talking about some of the music that they like. Look for an Occult Themes in Popular Music episode coming in the future which will get into the darker “Satanic” side of heavy metal lyrics. 

topics include: Chuck Ochelli, heavy metal, fans, music, history, Steppenwolf, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Napalm Death, death metal, thrash metal, Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy Kilmister, Earth, Metallica, post WW2 England, Ronnie James Dio, raising children on metal, Christian reaction to metal, Judas Priest court trial, Carcass, Death, black metal, live shows, punk rock, youth, hair metal, Poison, Motley Crue, corporate marketing schemes, snort ants, pee on the Alamo, Stryper, Hookers for Jesus, Gummo, Airheads, Glen Danzig, the Misfits, occult, Freemasonry, secret societies, backwards masking, Stained Class, Suicide Solution, Beastie Boys, living in hotels, Marilyn Manson

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This month's Bonus Podcast is a book notes episode on Physical Control of the Mind by professor Jose Delgado. Delgado was the man who famously implanted electrodes in the brains of animals and humans. His bullfight with a bull that had electrodes implanted was televised in 1963. This book outlines some of his findings from his experiments, and a bit of his personal philosophy in pursuing the research in the first place. Aaron can't help but read occult meaning into the whole of this. 

topics include: electronic stimulation of the brain (ESB), Yale, science, occult, left-hand path occultism, mind, brain implants, animal testing, human testing, brainwashing, mind control, privacy, technology, history of brain implants, psychology, stimoceivers, brain-machine interface, computers

Richard B Spence is a professor of history at the University of Idaho. On this episode of Trans Resister Radio he talks a bit about the hidden nexus of connections that most often get overlooked when studying history. Secret Societies are the conduit by which these connections operate and influence many things, especially revolutionary movements. 

topics include: Richard B Spence, secret societies, University of Idaho, history, Russia, Europe, Russian Revolution, probability, bias, inconvenient historical figures, Boris Savinkov,  conspiracies, revolutionary movements, Okhrana, counterintelligence, infiltration, US Communist Party, FBI, COINTELPRO, government agents, intimidation, Freemasonry, Theosophy, Aleister Crowley, invisible nexus of connections, Cryptic Freemasonry, Comte de Cagliostro, charlatans, Saint Germain, acting, opening ceremony of New Saint Gotthard Tunnel, ritual, Ancient Mysteries, symbolism, summoning spirits, demons, stage magic, sleight of hand, illusion, mind, emotions, James Shelby Downard, conspirosphere, JFK assassination

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Aaron Franz and Chuck Ochelli talk a bit about the "Great Purge" of 2018 involving Alex Jones and other politically subversive internet personalities. 

topics include: iTunes reviews for podcasts, Alex Jones, social media ejections, The Great Purge, Chuck Ochelli, censorship, intellectual property, media production, online videos, Jack Blood, public threats, slander, conspiracy culture, 9/11 Truth, controlled opposition, audio mixer, technical difficulties, handing out DVDs in person

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Artisan Loaf returns to the show to talk with Aaron a little more about Elon Musk and Tesla. 

topics include: @ArtisanLoaf on Twitter, Elon Musk not an original founder of Tesla, Thailand cave submarine, media, stock valuation, money lost, $TSLA stock shorts, Montana Skeptic, oil conspiracy narrative, silencing detractors, threats of litigation, time for Twitter, Henry Ford, car manufacturing, all in house

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On this week’s show Aaron gives his listeners a declaration of intent for Trans Resister Radio. His ambitions to grow the show, and insight into his creative process are the focus. This is by no means a typical radio broadcast, but that is a good thing, and hopefully something that the audience appreciates. Please help out by writing a review on iTunes and/or signing up to help Aaron on Patreon.

topics include: live broadcast Friday nights, podcast audience, callers, creative process, art, Uncle (the podcast), inside jokes, behind the scenes, chaos, chance, dark humor, comedy, Twitter, genres, categories, marketing problems, limited audience, defying labels, quality over quantity, the numbers game, hypocrisy, antagonism between content creators, difficult social problems worked out on an individual basis, honesty, call for assistance, vote with your dollar, expenses, book sales, podcasters bringing in true income, listener engagement, finding purpose

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Aaron gives some of his ideas on left-hand path occultism as it relates to its opposite, right-hand path occultism. The Black Lodge vs the Great White Brotherhood. What are the core philosophical differences between the two? How do these occult factions effect the greater social structure which we all live within? Is transhumanism a left-hand path occult pursuit? 

topics include: Lords of the Left-Hand Path, Dr Stephen Edred Flowers, religion, mysticism, hidden truth, the devil, Prince of Darkness, Black Flame, Temple of Set, Church of Satan, Atheism, Anton LaVey, Michael Aquino, subjective vs objective reality, transcendental experience, history of human consciousness, magic, science, philosophy, Owen Barfield, original participation, confusion, right vs left wing politics, social issues, philosophy behind science, masses divided, Fall of Man in Genesis, duality of tree symbol, ego

Independent animator Bill Plympton comes on Trans Resister Radio to talk about his Trump Bites animated series. The series has a Kickstarter campaign that only lasts a few more days. Bill takes some time to respond to critics that claim Trump Bites is homophobic in this interview. We also talk a bit about his new feature Revengeance. 

topics include: animation, animated shorts, Donald Trump, Putin, bigness, germs, words, real life audio clips, art, satire, political cartoons, freedom of speech, film screenings, drawing

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Journalist, filmmaker, and author Joseph Flatley returns to the show. Here, he and Aaron discuss some of his past articles that focus on conspiracy theorists. In what way is conspiracy theorizing legitimate? In what ways can it do harm? This and much more is discussed. 

topics include: listening to your own voice, conspiracy theorists, weird people, fringe political movement, psychology, 9/11 Truth, disinformation, delusion, beliefs, Pittsburgh PA, paranormal, transhumanism, Ben Davidson, weather, solar flares, critical thinking, targeted individuals, paranoia, surveillance state, RAND Corporation, special interests, Alex Jones, Donald Trump, Strange Angel, videos

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In this episode of Trans Resister Radio, Aaron returns to his Occult Themes in Popular Music series. The subject at hand is gambling and games of chance. The lyrics of three different rock songs are analyzed in terms of their occult significance regarding the many bright and shiny attractions of fabulous Las Vegas. 

topics include: gambling, playing cards, Tarot, occult and esoteric symbolism, Las Vegas, Sting, Alan Parsons Project, Elvis Presley, lyrics, addiction, four elements, light, fire, money, alchemy, Shape of My Heart, Turn of a Friendly Card, Viva Las Vegas

In this special Bonus Podcast, Pearse Redmond and Aaron Franz sit down to talk about the 2010 documentary David Wants To Fly. Made by German filmmaker, David Sieveking, this film is excellent and works on many different levels. It is an excellent critique of the Transcendental Meditation "movement" as the film exposes TM for what it truly is, a cult. Pearse and Aaron give their insights primarily on this angle. Thank you to all of our Patrons, and we hope you enjoy this epsiode.

Larry Woods is a retired electrical engineer and master electrician. Through his company, Limitless Energy Technologies, he has help innovate amazing new devices for generating power via magnetics. In this interview Larry talks about the many inefficient ways that we go about producing and using electricity today. He also brings up some ideas concerning the ancient world as well. 

topics include: new shows on Ochelli dot com, Larry Woods, science, electricity, power, energy, frequency, magnetics, free energy, vortex math, toroidal coil, wireless, health issues, chemtrails, CA fires, electricity service providers, fluorescent light, Ancient Egypt, pyramids, obelisks, ancient power supplies, vibration, smart meters, directed energy weapons, toroidal field, colors, magnetic power supplies, point of usage power, Stanley Meyer, hydrogen reclamation systems, water car, business, patents

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Friend of the show, Pearse Redmond, returns for a fun and casual conversation about a myriad of conspiracy related topics. From Les Wexner and Jeffrey Epstein to Transcendental Meditation to Danny Casolaro. Listeners will be sure to enjoy this episode. Be sure to listen to Trans Resister Radio live, Friday nights, 10pm-midnight EST, on 

topics include: Friday nights, Porkins Policy Radio, Open Minds Foundation, LAX, El Segundo, text message tours, Los Angeles, movie filming locations, Pentagon Entertainment Liaison Office, NYC, Nicholas Roerich Museum, Freemasonry, Les Wexner, Columbus OH, Mike Jeffries, Abercrombie & Fitch, Jeffrey Epstein, homoeroticism, Top Gun, live calls, Transcendental Meditation, cults, Scientology, occult ideas, David Wants To Fly, David Lynch, blocked distribution, films, Werner Herzog, documentaries, Bono, unwashed masses, Ireland, Inland Empire, Riverside County, Indio, The Octopus Danny Casolaro story, Cabazon Band of Mission Indians, casinos, California, Wackenhut, G4S, weapons testing, Blackwater, Erik Prince, Cambridge Analytica

Tim Will Hunting, author of The Custodian Chronicles, is the guest on this episode of Trans Resister Radio. He spent many years working as a janitor within the public school system, and decided to write a book about his experiences along with insights on some of the many flaws within the system. What sort of improvements could be made to improve the situation that we put our children in daily? 

topics include: Tim Will Hunting, The Custodian Chronicles, Dan and Kody Podcast, California, public school system, Native Alien Tribe, psychology, writing, philosophy, working, mundane reality, countdown to vacation, questioning authority, rat race, conspiracy, laws, death, money, routine, 9-5 job, cleaning, sane dialogue, arguments on Twitter, belief systems, letting go, communication, laws, politics, fear of the boss, federal government, moving to California, being called to the principal’s office

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Elon Musk and Tesla are the topics at hand on this week’s show. First-time guest, Nick, who goes by @ArtisanLoaf on Twitter, is here to help us trudge through some of the cold hard realities behind the many bold predictions and promises doled out by everyone’s favorite billionaire. Are we going to space anytime soon? Will we have affordable, S3XY, and tax-deductible vehicles to drive? Should we crowdfund America’s newest automaker? These questions and much more explored in this fun and informative interview.

topics include: Elon Musk, Tesla, @ArtisanLoaf, Twitter, fun topics versus politics, gaining attention, Steve Jobs, tech moguls, ambition, Silicon Valley, Peter Thiel, Facebook, markup on emeralds, bashing the media, James Murdoch, Newscorp, Model 3, PR, broken promises, predictions, robots, manufacturing, staff members who left Tesla, affordable electric car, semi truck, roadster, presales for cars, strange financial practices, Tesla incomparable to other automakers, gross margins, service centers, expenses, creating demand high, reliability, wait times for service, production shut downs, going to Mars, California incomparable to the rest of the world, green technology, S3XY, marketing, Trump supporters, superficial supporters, salesman, flamethrower

Aaron shares some of his thoughts on the psycho-social phenomenon known as the Midlife Crisis. From observations of daily life to occult implications, this episode covers a lot of ground. 

topics include: midlife crisis, mid-life, aging, genders, men, Elliot Jacques, creative genius, life begins at 40, Daniel Levinson, distressed suburbanite, cliches, adultery, depression, Western Culture, reverence of youth, 1960s sexual revolution, family, generational change, Anton LaVey, social norms, psychology, attraction to young women, reliving your past, occult, vitality, androgyny, marriage, bond, alchemy, coming to know the opposite sex, maturity, teeny bop music, creative power, conception, religion, the Bible, war of the sexes, meaning in life

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Author, Calum Chace returns to the show to talk some more about what he calls The Economic Singularity. The world economy is likely in the first stages of a huge wave of automation brought on by advances in artificial intelligence. 

topics include: artificial intelligence, writing, technological unemployment, Twitter, keeping debate civil, deriving meaning from careers, evolution, science, deep learning, AGI, DeepMind, China, surveillance, government and private industry, engineering problems, space exploration, transhumanism, mind uploading

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Author Joseph L Flatley comes on to talk about his new novel, Sirhan or The Hallucinatory Vanguard. The book offers a unique take on conspiracy culture, history, and the strange times in which we live. You can find it on Amazon and at Joseph's website. 

topics include: Joseph L Flatley, Sirhan or The Hallucinatory Vanguard, conspiracy culture, unusual people, writing, The Healing Church, cannabis, Pittsburgh, street protests, cults, new journalism, fiction, history, satire, Mad Magazine, open carry firearms, political extremists, videos, Corey Feldman, State College PA, punk rock, government spooks, assassinations, strangeness of everyday life, fake news, fringe ideas made mainstream, YouTube channels, mind control, hypnosis, self publishing, life in mid twenties, substance abuse, the Amish

Pearse Redmond returns to Trans Resister Radio to tell tales from his recent trip to Ireland. He and Aaron discuss the powerful mystique of ancient sites such as Newgrange.

topics include: Pearse Redmond, Ireland, whiskey distilleries, Newgrange, Dingle, prehistory, tourism, Hill of Tara, Stone of Destiny, underground, Winter Solstice, awe, mystery, pagan religion, history, myth, attaching your own agenda to ancient mysteries, racism, British Israelites, Ark of the Covenant, open mind, state sponsored media, cults, Open Minds Foundation, Holy Grail, trauma

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Winston Conrad is an attorney, artist and podcaster. Here, he talks a bit about his thoughts on how law relates to magic and the occult. 

topics include: Winston Conrad, law, magic, occult, knights, suits, swords, wands, Tarot, Freemasonry, advocate, authority, secret societies, Ancient Greece, America, guilds, black robes, bar, esquire, talismans, legal documents, ID cards, rituals, incantations, Africa, Voodoo, immigration, Haiti, street gangs, zombies, Justice, vampires, animals with government jobs, talking heads

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This Bonus Podcast episode of Trans Resister Radio picks up from the last Themes & Memes review of Black Mirror season 3. Specifically, the episode entitled San Junipero. In reading up on left hand path occultism, Aaron found some connections to transhumanism and to this episode of Black Mirror. 

topics include: Themes and Memes, Black Mirror, San Junipero, left hand path occultism, transhumanism, Satanism, Anton LaVey, philosophy, artificial systems, virtual worlds, controlled society, sexuality, fetishistic sex, sex dolls, Sixth Phase Satanism, Petagonal Revisionism, androids, technology, Pleasure Domes, vacation, Futurism, serpent, symbolism, original sin, Lucifer, Eve, Erotic Crystallization Inertia, immortality, time, the Reaper, Death, Stephen Edred Flowers, understanding the world

Jordan Maxwell is the first guest on the new live version of Trans Resister Radio, and what an honor it was to have him. Hear what he has to say about occult concepts such as the Lost Word. 

topics include: different methods of research, news media, corruption, government, lies, Hollywood, occult, music industry, NEWS, Druids, words, language, secret societies, Freemasonry, Saturn, telepathy, artificial intelligence, technology, UBI, smart phones, loss of jobs, government as parent, alchemy, Gaia videos, new radio and videos, pyramid under the ocean

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Small differences can seem to make a world of difference. In the end scheme of things, we all live on the same planet. That is, of course, until our Lord and Savior Elon Musk takes us to Mars. 

topics include: lining up guests, argument with prospective guest, new age nonsense, occult, Satanism, Anton LaVey, Elon Musk, alchemy, magic, public relations, Starbucks racist coffee comedy performance art, splinters of Truth Movement

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This is the premier episode of the new live version of Trans Resister Radio. The show will air every Wednesday from 10pm-midnight EST on In this episode Aaron lets the audience know who he is, and what to expect from this latest incarnation of TRR. 

topics include: live radio, callers, audience, The Age of Transitions video, podcasting, commentary, research, alternative topics, conspiracy, books, transhumanism, blogs, white papers, eugenics, philosophy, religion

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Aaron shares his notes on The Technological Society by French sociologist, Jacques Ellul. This book is a classic, and highly recommended. 

topics include: Jacques Ellul, The Technological Society, sociology, technique, technology, technology as god, Mass Man, conditioning, public relations, propaganda, modern society, reality of scientific work, politics, religion, magic, eschatology, mythology, esoteric side of technology, destruction of natural social groups, finance, economics, art and artifice, moral relativism, planned economies, transhumanism, New Man, labor, vaccine concerns, neurosis, city life, film

Some say that mysticism is the tool of tyrants. For all those who see that life itself is a mystery, this explanation does not hold water. 

topics include: mysticism, mystery, truth seeking, authority, religion, religious impulse, objective and subjective realities, meditation, gray areas, insight, models of understanding, idol worship, intellectual exploration, left-hand path occultism, the meaning of life, beyond logic, the more you learn the less you know, demons, greater reality, infinite, debate, Natural Law, Truth, drug abuse

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Some of the fears of the Western world would be deflated if we stopped to face ourselves in the mirror. This Bonus Podcast episode was inspired by Pamela.  This is just a clip from the episode, which is available in full to my subscribers at Patreon

topics include: interesting TRR podcast audience, ethics, morality, Buddhism, Tao Te Ching, desire, billionaire neurosis, American values, dragging others down, social media nastiness, wasting energy, mindfulness, philosophy, questioning ourselves, overworked, detachment, Christian Republican doublethink, marketing, buying happiness, honesty, branding, lifestyle, rationalization, life requires purpose, narrative, navigating panic scenarios

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Zarathustra has many and varied acolytes. This episode is merely an introduction to some connections Aaron has stumbled upon. 

topics include: Left Hand Path occultism, connecting dots, Stephen Edred Flowers, Original Magic, Zoroastrianism, Church of Satan, Michael Aquino, Order of the Trapezoid, Zarathustra, religion, Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, duality, beyond good and evil, overman, transcendence, discarding social norms, individual code of ethics, Grail Quest, Ben Goertzel, artificial intelligence, transhumanism, h+, Nihilism, Creative Nihilism, AGI, ethics, right vs left brain, fringe topics, Jason Reza Jorjani, psi, psychokinesis, Red Ice Creations, Antifa, Persian revival, neo Nazis, swastika, Wewelsburg, SS, immortality, planned suicide

Aaron tells some tales of his experience behind the scenes within "truther" circles, and describes some people who have done wrong by him. A lot of people produce media simply to get more attention to themselves, and this constant is what has caused the most problems over the years. Get the inside scoop in this bonus podcast episode of Trans Resister Radio.

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Huge economic changes are on the rise due to Ai, autonomous systems, and other emerging technologies. Here, Aaron speculates on what the MAGA crowd may do in the face of major shifts of the American sociopolitical reality. 

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