The Age of Transitions
Author and digital filmmaker Aaron Franz hosts this podcast about transhumanism, social manipulation, the occult, and much more.

This month's Bonus Podcast is a book notes episode on Physical Control of the Mind by professor Jose Delgado. Delgado was the man who famously implanted electrodes in the brains of animals and humans. His bullfight with a bull that had electrodes implanted was televised in 1963. This book outlines some of his findings from his experiments, and a bit of his personal philosophy in pursuing the research in the first place. Aaron can't help but read occult meaning into the whole of this. 

topics include: electronic stimulation of the brain (ESB), Yale, science, occult, left-hand path occultism, mind, brain implants, animal testing, human testing, brainwashing, mind control, privacy, technology, history of brain implants, psychology, stimoceivers, brain-machine interface, computers

Richard B Spence is a professor of history at the University of Idaho. On this episode of Trans Resister Radio he talks a bit about the hidden nexus of connections that most often get overlooked when studying history. Secret Societies are the conduit by which these connections operate and influence many things, especially revolutionary movements. 

topics include: Richard B Spence, secret societies, University of Idaho, history, Russia, Europe, Russian Revolution, probability, bias, inconvenient historical figures, Boris Savinkov,  conspiracies, revolutionary movements, Okhrana, counterintelligence, infiltration, US Communist Party, FBI, COINTELPRO, government agents, intimidation, Freemasonry, Theosophy, Aleister Crowley, invisible nexus of connections, Cryptic Freemasonry, Comte de Cagliostro, charlatans, Saint Germain, acting, opening ceremony of New Saint Gotthard Tunnel, ritual, Ancient Mysteries, symbolism, summoning spirits, demons, stage magic, sleight of hand, illusion, mind, emotions, James Shelby Downard, conspirosphere, JFK assassination

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Aaron Franz and Chuck Ochelli talk a bit about the "Great Purge" of 2018 involving Alex Jones and other politically subversive internet personalities. 

topics include: iTunes reviews for podcasts, Alex Jones, social media ejections, The Great Purge, Chuck Ochelli, censorship, intellectual property, media production, online videos, Jack Blood, public threats, slander, conspiracy culture, 9/11 Truth, controlled opposition, audio mixer, technical difficulties, handing out DVDs in person

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Artisan Loaf returns to the show to talk with Aaron a little more about Elon Musk and Tesla. 

topics include: @ArtisanLoaf on Twitter, Elon Musk not an original founder of Tesla, Thailand cave submarine, media, stock valuation, money lost, $TSLA stock shorts, Montana Skeptic, oil conspiracy narrative, silencing detractors, threats of litigation, time for Twitter, Henry Ford, car manufacturing, all in house

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On this week’s show Aaron gives his listeners a declaration of intent for Trans Resister Radio. His ambitions to grow the show, and insight into his creative process are the focus. This is by no means a typical radio broadcast, but that is a good thing, and hopefully something that the audience appreciates. Please help out by writing a review on iTunes and/or signing up to help Aaron on Patreon.

topics include: live broadcast Friday nights, podcast audience, callers, creative process, art, Uncle (the podcast), inside jokes, behind the scenes, chaos, chance, dark humor, comedy, Twitter, genres, categories, marketing problems, limited audience, defying labels, quality over quantity, the numbers game, hypocrisy, antagonism between content creators, difficult social problems worked out on an individual basis, honesty, call for assistance, vote with your dollar, expenses, book sales, podcasters bringing in true income, listener engagement, finding purpose

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