The Age of Transitions
Author and digital filmmaker Aaron Franz hosts this podcast about transhumanism, social manipulation, the occult, and much more.

Murdacloak is the man behind the Instagram, Juggalos Against Trump, and the special guest on this episode of The Age of Transitions podcast. Those who know juggalos know enough to expect the unexpected. This interview is a prime example of this principle, and a fun conversation about the insane clown show that is politics today. 

topics include: juggalo, ICP, lyrics, Gathering of the Juggalos 2018 OKC, Oklahoma, police presence, 2019 Columbus OH, Midwest, California, President Donald Trump, racism, Juggalos For Trump, Juggalo ideology, losing sight of the message, Carnival of Carnage, economic inequality, Walmart, MAGA hats, Montana, demonization of the poor, Republican Party base, Bernie Sanders, social media, political debate at GOTJ, Juggalo Night Court, Native American Reservation, Salish Tribe, life on the Res, the projects, nature, discrimination, civility, Instagram

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Journalist, author, and podcaster Josephy L Flatley returns to the show to talk about his latest audio documentary podcast series. The So-Called Prophet from Pittsburgh is about the GCCA, a group headed by a man who calls himself Gabriel of Urantia. Here, Joseph gets to talk about making his series as well as some serious psychological aspects of cult life. 

topics include: Catatonic Youths, GCCA, podcasting, audio documentaries, cults, interviews with ex members, conspiracy culture, mind control, Synanon, word salad, psychology, spiritualution, Soulistic Hospice, Occupy Wall Street, confusion, family, Gabriel of Urantia, Elders, internet marketing groups, poor quality websites, gurus search for victims, Sanskrita, Jonestown, dysfunctional relationships, family dynamics

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An old man doesn't take any crap from anyone, because he shouldn't have to.

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Chuck Ochelli rejoins The Age of Transitions bonus podcast stream. Here, he and Aaron retell some of their experiences being part of the "Truth Movement" that happened a decade in the past. Passing out DVDs, networking with like minds, and much more are explored in this light-hearted, but hard-hitting conversation. 

topics include: 9/11 Truth, eBay, the Obsolete Man, DVD copies of documentaries, truth groups, JFK, sharing information, meeting truther celebrities, no planers, Kevin Barrett, Jim Fetzer, Sophia Smallstorm, supportive partners, conspiracy theory, civil liberties, depression, Uncle (the podcast), average person

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The 2020 presidential election is heating up. It’s hard not to get caught up in the show. 

topics include: Bernie Sanders, Bon Iver, Iowa, primaries, Donald Trump, PA rally, crowds

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