The Age of Transitions
Author and digital filmmaker Aaron Franz hosts this podcast about transhumanism, social manipulation, the occult, and much more.

Trans Resister Radio and Uncle (the podcast) took this Friday off in preparation for Uncle's New Year's Revolution. Be sure to listen live this New Year's Eve from 9pm-3am EST. Call in to join the fun at 252-301-2255. 

The show will be streaming live on , YouTube, and IG. You can find the YouTube livestream at 

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The latest Trans Resister Radio Bonus Podcast was recorded in a parking lot on Aaron's lunch break. The main topic is media production, and the many tricks that many choose to employ to get ahead. At least, that's what they think they are doing. 

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Aaron reminds the listening audience to join Uncle’s New Year’s Revolution live on New Year’s Eve this year. He and Uncle will be having fun and taking calls. After the call to revolution was complete the topic at hand became media, its pitfalls, and ubiquitous dark undercurrent that we all experience. It as at once mysterious and obvious, but not discussed nearly enough. 

topics include: live radio, call in show, fun, media, distribution channels, internet, social media, connectivity, mobile devices, communications, subculture, counterculture, heavy metal, skateboarding, mind games, formulas, playing to a wide audience, political extremism, far right movements, conspiracy culture, alternative media, terrorism, conspiracy behind the conspiracy, change over time, optimism

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A leisurely talk about Saint Germain, The Church Universal and Triumphant, secret societies and much more. 

topics include: Uncle’s New Year’s Revolution, live streaming, podcasting, iTunes, reviews, St Germain on Alchemy, Elizabeth Claire Prophet, occult, secret societies, esoteric, religion, cults, high control groups

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Spike Robinson and Pearse Redmond come on to talk about their podcast series Undue Influence In Popular Culture. The podcast is published through the Open Minds Foundation. The mystery of the mind and the power of imagination are treasures of the human condition. But every bright and shining treasure casts its shadow. 

topics include: undue influence, high control groups, cults, pop culture, media, hypnotism, the mind, guided imagination, entertainment, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientology, door to door magazine crews

Jeffrey Matte comes on Trans Resister Radio for the first time. He and Aaron take the opportunity to talk a bit about the process once referred to as “waking up”. Within the truth seeking community things have taken a decided turn, but to where? 

topics include: truth movement, years 2006 and 2008, Freemasonry, waking up process, Jordan Maxwell, Egypt, irrational aspects of life, corruption, conspiracy, artificial intelligence, social credit system, transhumanism

Aaron reads from, and gives his commentary on, The Tao Te Ching. A wonderfully succinct epic exploration of the Mystery of all existence, the Tao is world famous for good reason. Here, the first five verses of the text are read, and compared to other creation myths from throughout time and across the world. 

topics include: religion, translations, Lao Tsu, Eastern vs Western ideas, philosophy, economy of language, universal truth, naming, first cause, abstract, tangible, duality, dialectics, Yin and Yang, life, death, geology, the Great Integrity, the Great Transition, temperance, desire, suffering, esoteric traditions, Ancient Mysteries, wisdom, meditation, transcendence, mind, abstract thought, creation, gods, the Bible, gods, time, life, manifestation, consciousness, metaphysics

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