The Age of Transitions
Author and digital filmmaker Aaron Franz hosts this podcast about transhumanism, social manipulation, the occult, and much more.

Robbie Martin joins the show for a conversation on the history and present state of conspiracy culture. He has a special episode of Media Roots Radio detailing the QAnon phenomenon, which is a must listen. Here, Robbie talks a bit about Q, its genesis, and some of the ramifications of what it all means in today’s tumultuous political climate. 

topics include: QAnon, internet, media awareness, propaganda, disillusioned to entertainment industry, popular conspiracy ideas, Alex Jones, Roger Stone, Trump presidential campaign, OAN, Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Trump supporters, 9/11 Truth, Ron Paul, martial law, 8 Chan, boomers, mainstreaming of conspiracy culture, Antifa, BLM, racism, right wing extremism, anti China propaganda

Aaron brings back his old notes to explore some pieces written on IEET by one of its former managing directors, Mike Treder. Treder has been missing/gone silent online since 2012. Transhumanist groups are not unlike other fringe special interest groups, in that it is indeed a fringe group. 

topics include: IEET, Mike Treder, Martine Rothblatt, transhumanism, WTA, intellectuals, academics, white papers, Canada, disappearance, power pyramid, global elite, David Rothkopf, Invisible Hand, religion, science, philosophy, Center for Responsible Nanotechnology, nanotech, induction, inductive reasoning, logic, faith, pattern recognition, Hume, Bayesian Inference, occult, secret doctrine, initiate, induct, artificial wombs, Jeremy Rifkin, Francis Bacon, New Atlantis, Harvard S

Chris McKann from The Path of Tea comes on the show to talk a bit about tea with Aaron. If you aren’t into loose leaf teas, you should be. There is a lot to learn about them on this podcast episode. Be sure to listen to the second part of this show on the latest episode of Uncle (the podcast)

topics include: loose leaf tea, camellia sinensis, China, Japan, Asia, natural medicine, relaxation, taste, caffeine, Oolong, Jasmine, Earl Grey, green tea, black tea, Houston Texas, tea shop

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Long time friend of the show, Sand Sheff, returns to talk a bit about Bill Gates. There are a number of large-scale business and social ventures that Gates is involved in. Should we be wary of his intentions?

topics include: EarthNow, surveillance, satellites, space, 5G, foundations, business, Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway, transhumanism, BCI, BMI, brain computer interface, Elon Musk, occult, religion, prophecy, Mark of the Beast, Covid19, vaccines, security

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With currently down, Aaron talks about the fragility of online security. What sort of large-scale cyber threats will emerge as we go deeper and deeper into this age of transitions?

topics include: web design, online security, Cybersecurity, NSCAI, Google, Amazon, government, private industry, Silicon Valley, China, geopolitics, technology, machine learning

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Robin calls back into the show and discusses online/offline life with Aaron. Who will control internet in the future?

topics include: protests, unrest, Age of Transitions, social media, employers vetting candidates online, safety and security, NSCAI, China, birth pangs, sensors, Internet of Things

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As the nation literally burns, The Age of Transitions goes live on the air. Will George Floyd’s murder be the straw that broke the camel’s back for the public’s trust in the police? Connor, a chat room regular and Minneapolis resident, calls in to the show with some insights and reporting. 

topics include: George Floyd, police violence, protests, riots, unprecedented times, anomie, frustration, public trust, umbrella man, agent provocateurs, looting, Minneapolis, Columbus OH, Atlanta GA

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Aaron reads some notes from the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence’s initial report. 

topics include: differing ideas about reality, philosophy, technology, politics, transportation, automation, commerce, NSCAI, national security, China, Cold War 2.0, ethics gap, machine learning, Ai, AGI, algorithms, future, Ford, fleet vehicles

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On this very special May Day, Aaron decides to consecrate the live show. 

topics include: religion, religious activity, seeking truth, spirit, pagandom, nature, sage, sense of smell, memory, live show Friday nights, cycles, institutions of religion, theocracy, architecture, leaves carved in masonry, mineral vegetable animal kingdoms, government buildings, Classical architecture, evolution, pantheons, Tron, mist, mysticism, four elements

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Video games have advanced greatly over a relatively short period of time. They now rival Hollywood films in production value. How may these different forms of media end up converging? What is the future of media, and our relationship with it?

topics include: live show, Age of Transitions comic, Covid19, free online Harvard courses, machine learning, niche industries, democratization of media, video games, Nintendo, movies, television, internet, networked media, multimedia, convergence, virtual reality, education, IT, technology, realistic graphics, detail, Ready Player One, books, private public reality, American Capitalism, understanding, propaganda, hidden information, narrative, Post-Truth World, think tanks, critical thinking

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Working from home opens up a whole new world of possibilities for daily life. Is the Covid19 pandemic showing us how technology can enable a life sheltered in place? 

topics include: technology, virtual reality, augmented reality, telecommuting, communications, work, automation, Ai, machine learning, New Green Deal, environmental impact, green technology

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In the short-term we are dealing with massive changes due to Covid19. People are working from home, not working at all, or possibly not working again. But, what happens when the crisis subsides? There are some serious long-term changes that we can see developing, many of which have been brewing for a long time now. 

topics include: Corona Virus, economy, jobs, working, technology, Ai, robotization, Boston Dynamics, automation, UBI, stimulus, government subsidizing life, military life, generation gap, Boomers, Millennials, Zoomers, online life, media, YouTubers, Protestant Work Ethic, MAGA

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In the Midst of Covid19, 2020, Aaron takes a moment to reflect on the unique situation we are all in. So much has changed, while so much has stayed the same. 

topics include: Corona Virus, California, quarantine, social distancing, presidential election prediction, Biden/Sanders 2020, families spending time together, home schooling, Common Core curriculum, uncertainty, gun fantasies, martial law, frustrated parents, Ed in WA, going in public, Boomer Remover, church and state, Chet Hanks, China

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The Covid19 Crisis has kicked into full panic mode. What do we do in the face of this? JG Michael calls in to talk a little bit about this, and more. 

topics include: Corona Virus, public settings, hysteria, hoarding home goods, consumerism, medical system, stratified social system, social distancing, wealthy removed from everyone else, Douglas Rushkoff, Wall Street, one percenters, bunkers, apocalyptic events

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Aaron tells tales from highlights of his life wandering around aimlessly. Don’t let anyone fool you, wasting time is not always a total waste. If you are in a hurry, it helps to know where it is you are going in the first place. 

topics include: AoT comic, creative projects, laughing at nothing, insanity, comedy, conspiracy theory, 9/11, relationship behaviors influenced by sitcoms and romcoms, credibility, generic conspiracy ideas, Bohemian mindset, successful people break rules, stratified society, walking around aimlessly, wandering, Columbus Ohio, strengths and weaknesses tied together, observation, loneliness, alienation, carrying mail in suburbia, Orange County CA, bustling wastelands, fast pace of modern life, time management, unnatural state, inevitable fates, death, desert, something in nothing, expectations, source of depression

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Aaron returns to do a live show for the first time in nearly a month. Robin from Victoria calls in to have a conversation about popular culture’s seedy underbelly.

topics include: Ochelli Radio Network, The Age of Transitions, GOTJ 2017, some counterculture ideas held by the majority now, corruption, 1620 High Noon podcast, MMA, Canada, podcasting, laser discs, Song of the South, old Warner Brothers cartoons critiquing wild west America, Siemens, military war propaganda, Disneyland, Walt Disney, Dr Seuss, Roald Dahl, Edward Bernays, World’s Fair, Futurism, average person becoming aware of mass propaganda, conspiracy theories placed in popular media, cognitive bias, technology, communication breakdown, Adam Fitzgerald, 9/11, history, JFK assassination, Chuck Ochelli

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Murdacloak is the man behind the Instagram, Juggalos Against Trump, and the special guest on this episode of The Age of Transitions podcast. Those who know juggalos know enough to expect the unexpected. This interview is a prime example of this principle, and a fun conversation about the insane clown show that is politics today. 

topics include: juggalo, ICP, lyrics, Gathering of the Juggalos 2018 OKC, Oklahoma, police presence, 2019 Columbus OH, Midwest, California, President Donald Trump, racism, Juggalos For Trump, Juggalo ideology, losing sight of the message, Carnival of Carnage, economic inequality, Walmart, MAGA hats, Montana, demonization of the poor, Republican Party base, Bernie Sanders, social media, political debate at GOTJ, Juggalo Night Court, Native American Reservation, Salish Tribe, life on the Res, the projects, nature, discrimination, civility, Instagram

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Journalist, author, and podcaster Josephy L Flatley returns to the show to talk about his latest audio documentary podcast series. The So-Called Prophet from Pittsburgh is about the GCCA, a group headed by a man who calls himself Gabriel of Urantia. Here, Joseph gets to talk about making his series as well as some serious psychological aspects of cult life. 

topics include: Catatonic Youths, GCCA, podcasting, audio documentaries, cults, interviews with ex members, conspiracy culture, mind control, Synanon, word salad, psychology, spiritualution, Soulistic Hospice, Occupy Wall Street, confusion, family, Gabriel of Urantia, Elders, internet marketing groups, poor quality websites, gurus search for victims, Sanskrita, Jonestown, dysfunctional relationships, family dynamics

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An old man doesn't take any crap from anyone, because he shouldn't have to.

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Chuck Ochelli rejoins The Age of Transitions bonus podcast stream. Here, he and Aaron retell some of their experiences being part of the "Truth Movement" that happened a decade in the past. Passing out DVDs, networking with like minds, and much more are explored in this light-hearted, but hard-hitting conversation. 

topics include: 9/11 Truth, eBay, the Obsolete Man, DVD copies of documentaries, truth groups, JFK, sharing information, meeting truther celebrities, no planers, Kevin Barrett, Jim Fetzer, Sophia Smallstorm, supportive partners, conspiracy theory, civil liberties, depression, Uncle (the podcast), average person

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The 2020 presidential election is heating up. It’s hard not to get caught up in the show. 

topics include: Bernie Sanders, Bon Iver, Iowa, primaries, Donald Trump, PA rally, crowds

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Things can often and all too easily seem completely hopeless. In the face of this, it may be that a bit of hope and faith go a long way to help us. But how do we keep ourselves from become victims of blind faith? 

topics include: 9/11 Truth, we were lied to, some far Left pitfalls, conspiracy related topics, religion, faith, mysticism, altered states of consciousness, being consumed by alternative media

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If we are going to develop thinking machines, perhaps we should first evaluate our own thought processes. Are we even thinking in the first place?

topics include: democratic debates, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, media coverage, propaganda, marginalizing outlier candidates, mind, psyche, intelligence, Ai, machine learning, bias, objectives, human control, Stuart Russell, Forbes article, virtual worlds


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A relaxed and impromptu show in which Aaron talks about everything from the Age of Transitions show itself to war with Iran. 

topics include: live show, Patreon supporters, desert camping trip to Giant Rock, optimism, power corrupts, special interests, war with Iran, business of war, Middle East theater of War, Iraq, Donald Trump 2016 campaign, convenient lies, George W Bush administration, Neocons, propaganda, public acceptance of war, opportunity to make unique media, conspiracy theory distractions, surveillance, big data, social media, cellular phone microphone picking up your conversations to target advertisements, average person’s perceptions, Silicon Valley, Surveillance Capitalism, generational antagonism, self help, write up podcast reviews for your favorite shows

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