The Age of Transitions
Author and digital filmmaker Aaron Franz hosts this podcast about transhumanism, social manipulation, the occult, and much more.

Darryl Sloan is the author of the book I, Universe. A book about the struggle to find a spiritual sense of things while maintaining a rational and skeptical point of view. This book is very relatable to all seekers out there seeking on. 

topics include: leaving Christianity, Atheism, spirituality, Monism, life changes, writing Reality Check, rejecting cultural norms, Northern Ireland, paranormal, scientism, mystery, going beyond confusion, time, change, present moment, afterlife, reincarnation, ego, death, everything out of Nothing, pantheism, Big Bang, quantum physics, meditation, numinous experiences, psi, psychokinesis, magic, occult, CIA

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This is the first part in what will be at least a two part series of book notes on The Science of Life. This book was published in 1929 and authored by HG Wells, Julian Huxley and George Philip Wells. A massive 1500 page book on biological science which includes extensive promotion of eugenics and Social Darwinism. There is no shortage of esoteric significance as well. This book seems to have been missed, as there are few references to it to be found anywhere. 

topics include: man, biology, science, philosophy, religion, genetics, intellectual class, history, Darwinism, Social Darwinism, eugenics, nature, alchemy, art, space time, matter, life, light, sun, myth, evolution, dog breeding, selective breeding, inbreeding, Galton Darwin and Wedgewood family inbreeding, sex, reproduction, genes, immortality, nature vs nurture, CB Davenport, life extension, agriculture, grafting, plants, Cold Springs Harbor, Darwinian competition for resources, divine purpose, consciousness, sun god, Ocean as womb of Nature, life comes on land, Dawn of Man, ecology, economics, as above so below, four elements, chemistry, pollution, life cycle, tree symbolism, Bohemian Grove, sun spots, overpopulation, JBS Haldane, Daedalus, Greece, US military used to kill bison

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Friend and fellow Ochelli Radio Network host Pearse Redmond is our guest as we talk a bit about his show Porkins Policy Radio. A strange media landscape filled with nonsense opens up a lot of opportunity for anyone hoping to do something different. 

topics include: #porkinspolicyreview, Instagram, Porkins, live radio, podcast, listener feedback, getting recognized in public, Qanon, calling in to shows, bike lane in Holland Tunnel, hosting, Joseph L Flatley, conspiracy theory, MKULTRA, making up lies, grifters, right wing vs left wing views, doctrinaire beliefs, propaganda, far left politics, hard to please audience, deep events

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The modern world has us all in a state of Hyper Activity. At this point what do we do to slow things down? 

topics include: hyperactivity, children, work, society, culture, America, United States, history, Native Americans, conservative cultures, liberal democracy, Western Civilization, Classical Civilization, politics, debate, propaganda, opinion, identity, ego, capitalism, corporations, corporate personhood, planned obsolescence, waste, production and consumption, materialism, wealth, American Dream

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What motive might our old friend Newt Gingrich have for bringing political discourse down to the level of the average person? Is the general mood of the public different depending on geographic location? These questions and more are explored on this episode of Trans Resister Radio.

topics include: Ochelli Radio Network, The Age of Transitions, converging technologies, NBIC, politics, public relations, Donald Trump, writing for television, mood, travel, California

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Winston Conrad returns to Trans Resister Radio to talk a bit about the new Moss Babies zine he is a part of. The realm of fantasy fiction is discussed with Winston shedding some light on the significance of elves, goblins, dwarves and many other such cryptids. 

topics include: Moss Babies, Pathfinder RPG, Dungeons and Dragons, Satanic Panic, fantasy, JRR Tolkien, folklore, England, elves, goblins, cobalt, salamander, elementals, etymology, metallurgy, alchemy, cryptography, symbolism, cryptozoology, dwarves, dragons, elements, storytelling, myth