The Age of Transitions
Author and digital filmmaker Aaron Franz hosts this podcast about transhumanism, social manipulation, the occult, and much more.

Taking notice of some of the things that we take for granted can be a very useful thing.

topics include: basic needs, food, organization, chaos, control, letting go

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An impromptu roundtable discussion occurs when callers Marlon Ettinger and Adam Fitzgerald begin talking about systemic corruption. Are we the people to blame for this grand mess we are in, or should the finger be pointed at a dominant minority? 

topics include: media, news, information overload, Hillary Clinton, propaganda, education, individual responsibility, politics, economics, institutions

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Marlon Ettinger calls in to the show to pitch his radical political idea: Hillary 2020. His main selling point is that it would be the funniest possible outcome for all of us. 

topics include: art, Age of Transitions comic, Hillary Clinton, days of Trump, Democratic Party, liberals, right wingers, closet authoritarians, entertainment, comedy, The Apprentice, reality TV, campaigning, presidential election, celebrity, alchemy, magic, ideas

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Aaron tries to give some advice in order to help others give their own advice to themselves and those they care about. 

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JG Michael, host of the Parallax Views podcast, comes on the show to talk with Aaron about a wide range of topics on this two hour edition of The Age of Transitions radio show. 

topics include: 7he 6oy documentary, The Boy, Nathan Forest Winter, Victor Salva, sexual abuse, Me Too, Jeepers Creepers, film, media, Qanon, conspiracy theories, political extremism, racism, fascism, Carroll Quigley, demands of everyday life, truth movement, entrepreneurship, institutions

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