The Age of Transitions
Author and digital filmmaker Aaron Franz hosts this podcast about transhumanism, social manipulation, the occult, and much more.

Who wants to help trample truth into the ground, and replace it with a hideous imposter? Join the party, everyone’s doing it. 

Topics include: Ochelli Radio Network, other networks, conformity, censorship, freedom of speech, phone lines in jeopardy, JFK Lancer, misfit among misfits, no regrets, odd choices, success, day job allows freedom on the microphone, give audience benefit of knowledge from the other side of the speakers, shrewd business masked in virtue signaling, alternative media, 9/11 Truth Movement, attention for its own sake, confrontation videos, out of context and unprompted 9/11 questions, transhumanism now popular to comment on, happy on the sidelines, frauds, talking vs listening, inertia behind bad narratives, BS sells, religious devotion, tech overlords being horrible believing themselves to be benevolent, self actualization, individuality, complete reversal on certain talking points, hatred of Islam, martial law is great if it keeps the right person in power, police state, many actually want an authoritarian system, law and order, pretending to be tough, pretending to care about free speech, psychological projection, belief

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