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Author and digital filmmaker Aaron Franz hosts this podcast about transhumanism, social manipulation, the occult, and much more.

The tension between China and the United States is undeniable. What it all may be leading to is impossible to say, but trying to understand our current situation is a useful thing to do. Marlon Ettinger calls in to the show to help Aaron do just this. 

topics include: China, CCP, Xianjiang Provence, Uyghur, reeducation camps, concentration camps, propaganda, geopolitics, development, economics, military, Trump, Xi Jinping, technology, real estate, North Korea, South Korea

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Here is the second installment of book notes on The Science of Life. You will get to enjoy all of the wonderful calls for a eugenic utopia from Julian Huxley and HG Wells. Aaron quotes directly from this little known book to help broaden your understanding of eugenics, the foundations of genetic science, and dark Social Darwinian philosophy.

topics include: health and disease, anti-vaccine movement of 1920s, social stratification, diet, sunlight, light, reproduction, ants, bees, neuters, hive mind, genetics, brain, selective breeding, biology, science, consciousness, objective and subjective reality, Monism, neurology, Behaviorism, Pavlov, association, instinct, reflex, electrical shock experiments, induction, hypnosis, education, language, dissociation, subconscious, hysteria, no true Teutonic or Aryan races, cymbolism, regression, stigmata, neurasthenia, Freud, Jung, intelligence, eugenics, peyote, privacy, religion, civilization, parapsychology, Modern Man, patriarchy, inbreeding royalty, tabu, agriculture, civilizing a native race, rigid tradition, going beyond nation state, collectivism, The Open Conspiracy, HG Wells, positive and negative eugenics, birth control, dominant minority, depopulation techniques, transhumanism, conquer nature

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Darryl Sloan is the author of the book I, Universe. A book about the struggle to find a spiritual sense of things while maintaining a rational and skeptical point of view. This book is very relatable to all seekers out there seeking on. 

topics include: leaving Christianity, Atheism, spirituality, Monism, life changes, writing Reality Check, rejecting cultural norms, Northern Ireland, paranormal, scientism, mystery, going beyond confusion, time, change, present moment, afterlife, reincarnation, ego, death, everything out of Nothing, pantheism, Big Bang, quantum physics, meditation, numinous experiences, psi, psychokinesis, magic, occult, CIA

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This is the first part in what will be at least a two part series of book notes on The Science of Life. This book was published in 1929 and authored by HG Wells, Julian Huxley and George Philip Wells. A massive 1500 page book on biological science which includes extensive promotion of eugenics and Social Darwinism. There is no shortage of esoteric significance as well. This book seems to have been missed, as there are few references to it to be found anywhere. 

topics include: man, biology, science, philosophy, religion, genetics, intellectual class, history, Darwinism, Social Darwinism, eugenics, nature, alchemy, art, space time, matter, life, light, sun, myth, evolution, dog breeding, selective breeding, inbreeding, Galton Darwin and Wedgewood family inbreeding, sex, reproduction, genes, immortality, nature vs nurture, CB Davenport, life extension, agriculture, grafting, plants, Cold Springs Harbor, Darwinian competition for resources, divine purpose, consciousness, sun god, Ocean as womb of Nature, life comes on land, Dawn of Man, ecology, economics, as above so below, four elements, chemistry, pollution, life cycle, tree symbolism, Bohemian Grove, sun spots, overpopulation, JBS Haldane, Daedalus, Greece, US military used to kill bison

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Friend and fellow Ochelli Radio Network host Pearse Redmond is our guest as we talk a bit about his show Porkins Policy Radio. A strange media landscape filled with nonsense opens up a lot of opportunity for anyone hoping to do something different. 

topics include: #porkinspolicyreview, Instagram, Porkins, live radio, podcast, listener feedback, getting recognized in public, Qanon, calling in to shows, bike lane in Holland Tunnel, hosting, Joseph L Flatley, conspiracy theory, MKULTRA, making up lies, grifters, right wing vs left wing views, doctrinaire beliefs, propaganda, far left politics, hard to please audience, deep events

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The modern world has us all in a state of Hyper Activity. At this point what do we do to slow things down? 

topics include: hyperactivity, children, work, society, culture, America, United States, history, Native Americans, conservative cultures, liberal democracy, Western Civilization, Classical Civilization, politics, debate, propaganda, opinion, identity, ego, capitalism, corporations, corporate personhood, planned obsolescence, waste, production and consumption, materialism, wealth, American Dream

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What motive might our old friend Newt Gingrich have for bringing political discourse down to the level of the average person? Is the general mood of the public different depending on geographic location? These questions and more are explored on this episode of Trans Resister Radio.

topics include: Ochelli Radio Network, The Age of Transitions, converging technologies, NBIC, politics, public relations, Donald Trump, writing for television, mood, travel, California

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Winston Conrad returns to Trans Resister Radio to talk a bit about the new Moss Babies zine he is a part of. The realm of fantasy fiction is discussed with Winston shedding some light on the significance of elves, goblins, dwarves and many other such cryptids. 

topics include: Moss Babies, Pathfinder RPG, Dungeons and Dragons, Satanic Panic, fantasy, JRR Tolkien, folklore, England, elves, goblins, cobalt, salamander, elementals, etymology, metallurgy, alchemy, cryptography, symbolism, cryptozoology, dwarves, dragons, elements, storytelling, myth

Some ideas on how to confront online media abominations. Going head on the field of social media will get you nowhere. Now is the time to be creative and have a sense of humor.

topics include: The Onion, satire, parody, click bait, Twitter, social media, news, journalism, patriot movement, right wing extremism, alternative media, making up false stories, charlatans, grifters, JFK researchers, left wing roots of conspiracy culture, comedy, humor, marketing

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Zepto is a long time listener to Trans Resister Radio. Here, he comes on the show to share his personal story of hard times and subsequent redemption. The often maligned “waking up” process can truly be a catalyst for positive self transformation. 

topics include: religion, philosophy, free will, nervous breakdown, truth, writing, politics, the Amish, technology, transhumanism, implantable brain chips, ethics in technological development, Ai, energy, post-scarcity world

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Do we entertain angels unaware? When a homeless man speaks is he channeling a higher power? Were groups of pirates occult orders or just some stinky men with peg legs and eye patches? These questions and much more are discussed on this episode of Trans Resister Radio.

topics include: purposely confusing people, the invisible class, homeless people, secret messages, divination, paranormal, preternatural, secret societies, occult, king dressed as a beggar, intelligence agents, CIA, cryptography, angels, secret societies, initiates, fraternal orders, pirates, Pirates of the Caribbean, Disneyland

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JG Michael returns to Trans Resister Radio to pick up where he left off last time, talking about far right views within transhumanist circles. From alternative media to popular culture, there seems to be a dark wave of desire washing over us all. Does Nick Land’s concept of the Dark Enlightenment hold any explanation for this, or just more confusion?

topics include: transhumanism, philosophy, religion, politics, conspiracy theory, alternative media, Nick Land, Dark Enlightenment, democracy, Western Civilization, the void, Thanatos, psychology, occult, Peter Thiel, James Hughes, Ray Kurzwweil, Accelerationism, Capitalism, wealth inequality, Social Darwinism, Universal Basic Income, Useless Class


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JG Michael, host of the Parallax Views podcast, is the guest on this episode. Here, he talks a bit about the links between transhumanist and far right ideologies. From obsessing over logic and reason to the promotion of eugenics, this cadre of futurists has a decidedly dark way of viewing the world. 

topics include: transhumanism, right wing extremism, fascism, monarchy, democracy, authoritarianism, Anarcho Capitalism, Alt Right, Libertarianism, technology, artificial intelligence, Eliezer Yudkowsky, Less Wrong, MIRI, Singularity University, scientism, Bayesian Mathematics, Michael Anissimov, Neoreactionary Movement, Google, Ray Kurzweil, Nick Land, Postmodernism, Academia, Dark Enlightenment, HP Lovecraft, eugenics, Curtis Yarvin, Mencius Moldbug

Aaron calls on his audience to help him procure guests for the show. He also muses on the idea of doing an Age of Transitions 2 video. 

topics include: guest interviews, social media, emails, Kai-Fu Lee, AI Superpowers, Yasha Levine, Surveillance Valley, Newt Gingrich, artificial intelligence, deep learning, algorithms, big data, economics, media

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Friend of the show, Pearse Redmond, returns to talk a bit about some of the stories that are currently flying under the radar. As the story goes, Americans are being attacked by some form of cricket warfare in Cuba. Are John Bolton and the Canadians hoping this aggression will be enough to successfully push for regime change in Venezuela? 

topics include: New Year’s Eve, New York City, sonic weapons, Cuba, diplomats, intelligence agents, CIA, crickets, Associated Press, propaganda, conspiracy, Canadian military, Justin Trudeau, NATO, Venezuela, Latin America, Maduro, oil, geopolitics

Another episode of book notes. This time the book at hand is "Millennium; Winners and Losers in the Coming World Order". A fascinating and prophetic little book from 1991. 

topics include: international banking, emerging technologies, trans humanism, communications, geopolitics, economics, new world order, esoteric religion, sacrifice, family, US decline, Japan, Asia, universities, Ai, nomadic life, technological unemployment, cameras, globalism

Aaron shares some thoughts on the history and current state of artificial intelligence development. China and the US are the current global leaders in the field. Is there a new cold war scenario between these two countries? What are the true long term goals when it comes to Ai? 

topics include: artificial intelligence, machine learning, ARPANET, DARPA, military technological development, Vietnam War, China, Xinjiang, Uyghur minority, concentration camps, Social Credit system, government, corporations, Amazon, Alibaba, cloud computing, MIC, wars, civil liberties

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Tom Brown, host of the Bike Karma Podcast, joins Aaron for a discussion about bicycle culture and politics. Like other forms of politics, there is a mix of big business, individuals, and governments at play working to create something. What that something is, no one can quite say, but it is probably a good idea. 

topics include: bicycles, bike cliques, road bikes, mountain bikes, commuting, bike mechanic, bicycle coop, podcasting, bike sharing, China, electric bikes, obsolescence, eco friendly transportation, bike lanes, safety, rolling coal, safety

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