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Author and digital filmmaker Aaron Franz hosts this podcast about transhumanism, social manipulation, the occult, and much more.

Artisan Loaf returns to the show to talk with Aaron a little more about Elon Musk and Tesla. 

topics include: @ArtisanLoaf on Twitter, Elon Musk not an original founder of Tesla, Thailand cave submarine, media, stock valuation, money lost, $TSLA stock shorts, Montana Skeptic, oil conspiracy narrative, silencing detractors, threats of litigation, time for Twitter, Henry Ford, car manufacturing, all in house

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On this week’s show Aaron gives his listeners a declaration of intent for Trans Resister Radio. His ambitions to grow the show, and insight into his creative process are the focus. This is by no means a typical radio broadcast, but that is a good thing, and hopefully something that the audience appreciates. Please help out by writing a review on iTunes and/or signing up to help Aaron on Patreon.

topics include: live broadcast Friday nights, podcast audience, callers, creative process, art, Uncle (the podcast), inside jokes, behind the scenes, chaos, chance, dark humor, comedy, Twitter, genres, categories, marketing problems, limited audience, defying labels, quality over quantity, the numbers game, hypocrisy, antagonism between content creators, difficult social problems worked out on an individual basis, honesty, call for assistance, vote with your dollar, expenses, book sales, podcasters bringing in true income, listener engagement, finding purpose

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Aaron gives some of his ideas on left-hand path occultism as it relates to its opposite, right-hand path occultism. The Black Lodge vs the Great White Brotherhood. What are the core philosophical differences between the two? How do these occult factions effect the greater social structure which we all live within? Is transhumanism a left-hand path occult pursuit? 

topics include: Lords of the Left-Hand Path, Dr Stephen Edred Flowers, religion, mysticism, hidden truth, the devil, Prince of Darkness, Black Flame, Temple of Set, Church of Satan, Atheism, Anton LaVey, Michael Aquino, subjective vs objective reality, transcendental experience, history of human consciousness, magic, science, philosophy, Owen Barfield, original participation, confusion, right vs left wing politics, social issues, philosophy behind science, masses divided, Fall of Man in Genesis, duality of tree symbol, ego

Independent animator Bill Plympton comes on Trans Resister Radio to talk about his Trump Bites animated series. The series has a Kickstarter campaign that only lasts a few more days. Bill takes some time to respond to critics that claim Trump Bites is homophobic in this interview. We also talk a bit about his new feature Revengeance. 

topics include: animation, animated shorts, Donald Trump, Putin, bigness, germs, words, real life audio clips, art, satire, political cartoons, freedom of speech, film screenings, drawing

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Journalist, filmmaker, and author Joseph Flatley returns to the show. Here, he and Aaron discuss some of his past articles that focus on conspiracy theorists. In what way is conspiracy theorizing legitimate? In what ways can it do harm? This and much more is discussed. 

topics include: listening to your own voice, conspiracy theorists, weird people, fringe political movement, psychology, 9/11 Truth, disinformation, delusion, beliefs, Pittsburgh PA, paranormal, transhumanism, Ben Davidson, weather, solar flares, critical thinking, targeted individuals, paranoia, surveillance state, RAND Corporation, special interests, Alex Jones, Donald Trump, Strange Angel, videos

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In this episode of Trans Resister Radio, Aaron returns to his Occult Themes in Popular Music series. The subject at hand is gambling and games of chance. The lyrics of three different rock songs are analyzed in terms of their occult significance regarding the many bright and shiny attractions of fabulous Las Vegas. 

topics include: gambling, playing cards, Tarot, occult and esoteric symbolism, Las Vegas, Sting, Alan Parsons Project, Elvis Presley, lyrics, addiction, four elements, light, fire, money, alchemy, Shape of My Heart, Turn of a Friendly Card, Viva Las Vegas

In this special Bonus Podcast, Pearse Redmond and Aaron Franz sit down to talk about the 2010 documentary David Wants To Fly. Made by German filmmaker, David Sieveking, this film is excellent and works on many different levels. It is an excellent critique of the Transcendental Meditation "movement" as the film exposes TM for what it truly is, a cult. Pearse and Aaron give their insights primarily on this angle. Thank you to all of our Patrons, and we hope you enjoy this epsiode.

Larry Woods is a retired electrical engineer and master electrician. Through his company, Limitless Energy Technologies, he has help innovate amazing new devices for generating power via magnetics. In this interview Larry talks about the many inefficient ways that we go about producing and using electricity today. He also brings up some ideas concerning the ancient world as well. 

topics include: new shows on Ochelli dot com, Larry Woods, science, electricity, power, energy, frequency, magnetics, free energy, vortex math, toroidal coil, wireless, health issues, chemtrails, CA fires, electricity service providers, fluorescent light, Ancient Egypt, pyramids, obelisks, ancient power supplies, vibration, smart meters, directed energy weapons, toroidal field, colors, magnetic power supplies, point of usage power, Stanley Meyer, hydrogen reclamation systems, water car, business, patents

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Friend of the show, Pearse Redmond, returns for a fun and casual conversation about a myriad of conspiracy related topics. From Les Wexner and Jeffrey Epstein to Transcendental Meditation to Danny Casolaro. Listeners will be sure to enjoy this episode. Be sure to listen to Trans Resister Radio live, Friday nights, 10pm-midnight EST, on 

topics include: Friday nights, Porkins Policy Radio, Open Minds Foundation, LAX, El Segundo, text message tours, Los Angeles, movie filming locations, Pentagon Entertainment Liaison Office, NYC, Nicholas Roerich Museum, Freemasonry, Les Wexner, Columbus OH, Mike Jeffries, Abercrombie & Fitch, Jeffrey Epstein, homoeroticism, Top Gun, live calls, Transcendental Meditation, cults, Scientology, occult ideas, David Wants To Fly, David Lynch, blocked distribution, films, Werner Herzog, documentaries, Bono, unwashed masses, Ireland, Inland Empire, Riverside County, Indio, The Octopus Danny Casolaro story, Cabazon Band of Mission Indians, casinos, California, Wackenhut, G4S, weapons testing, Blackwater, Erik Prince, Cambridge Analytica

Tim Will Hunting, author of The Custodian Chronicles, is the guest on this episode of Trans Resister Radio. He spent many years working as a janitor within the public school system, and decided to write a book about his experiences along with insights on some of the many flaws within the system. What sort of improvements could be made to improve the situation that we put our children in daily? 

topics include: Tim Will Hunting, The Custodian Chronicles, Dan and Kody Podcast, California, public school system, Native Alien Tribe, psychology, writing, philosophy, working, mundane reality, countdown to vacation, questioning authority, rat race, conspiracy, laws, death, money, routine, 9-5 job, cleaning, sane dialogue, arguments on Twitter, belief systems, letting go, communication, laws, politics, fear of the boss, federal government, moving to California, being called to the principal’s office

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